The fear of failure in everyday situations can be more than overwhelming. This fear holds you back from pursuing your dreams and from living your life to the fullest. You are not able to overcome this fear because of the lack of self-esteem and you don’t believe in yourself enough. It doesn’t matter if you are self-confident by nature or your self-esteem is naturally a little bit lower, we all need an occasional boost. If you are low in self-confidence, there are things and techniques that can help you increase it and significantly improve it. Here are five tricks to improve your self-esteem.

Rely on yourself

You can’t expect anyone else besides yourself to boost your self-esteem. You must rely on yourself and no one else. Every emotion, including self-esteem, comes from inside the person. You can never rely on people to treat you better, you can just train yourself to be less sensitive in today’s world. Put yourself first, because no one else will. I am not saying you should be selfish or self-centred, you should just learn to love and respect yourself. Once you accomplish this, others will see that they have to at least respect you if they want to be in your life.

Think positive

This is something you hear all the time, but usually it’s easier said than done. You need to understand that you can’t affect things that are happening to you and around you, but you can control your reaction to those things. Although you think it’s impossible, you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones. The best way to do this is to try and surround yourself with positive people and positive news. The next step is becoming aware of your inner thoughts about yourself. As soon as you recognize negative self-talk, try as hard as you can to channel your thoughts and to reprogram your brain to think positively.

Set goals

The most important thing when it comes to boosting your self-esteem is to learn to be proud of yourself. But be careful not to look for approval from other people. The best way to make yourself proud is to set goals and to achieve them. It’s important for these goals to be something that will fulfill you and make you feel good about yourself. People often make the mistake of setting their goals too high and then, when they fail, they feel disappointed and discouraged. Instead of doing this, in the beginning, start with small goals, and when you achieve them, you will start perceiving yourself as a capable person, ready for bigger goals and achievements.

Acknowledge positive things

People with lower self-esteem tend to focus on negative things and negative people in their lives and disregard the positivity. At the end of every day or week, try to make a list of all the good things that have happened to you. Write down these things and always look at this list when you are feeling down. When negativity and failure overwhelm you, it seems like everything is black and you don’t see the nice things. Obviously, your self-esteem lowers when this happens. But if you make a list of all the good things, it will help you see things more realistically. It will help you be grateful for everything life has given you and for everything you have accomplished. Consequently, your self-esteem will grow.

Improve yourself

The best thing you can do for yourself is to increase your competence and invest yourself. Educate yourself, study, practice, do whatever it takes to improve yourself personally and your abilities. Empower yourself in every possible way, but the best way of empowering yourself is knowledge. When you are more educated and know more, you’ll be more competent in different areas, and therefore, will be more secure in yourself. When you become more knowledgeable, you become more confident. But if you set your expectations too high, you could fail to meet them and that will bring your self-esteem even lower. So, if you choose an area in which you want to progress, take baby steps, but keep pushing yourself forward and self-confidence will come along.