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5 Signs That Your Breakup Was A Mistake

Written by Deborah Carbone

Different things can be a reason for a breakup. Some better and more logical than other ones. Either way, it’s hard to go through that and to move on.


    In the process of trying to get over him, you will start to question your decision. Suddenly, you are not so sure it was a good call and it might become emotionally exhausting for you. Still, you can’t stop thinking that you rushed everything when you chose to break up.

    Breaking up with someone is a no brainer if the partner was arrogant, mean spirited, abusive, or a cheater. Simply, a bad person. But if your reason wasn’t of this nature, questioning your decision is expected. You will catch yourself thinking about getting back together with him, because things might work out better this time.

    Here are five signs that your breakup was a mistake.

    1. You wish you could still take care of him.

    It’s normal to miss the good times you had with your partner after leaving the relationship. But when you miss taking care of him and doing things for him, that says a lot. You have a lot of love to give, but obviously your subconscious is telling you that not just anyone is deserving of it. It is meant for someone special and your instincts are telling you that he just might be the one.

    2. You miss the good and the bad about that relationship.

    Another expected thing would be to miss all the good things between you two. But missing all of the relationship in it’s entirety is something else. It means you didn’t memorize those bad days as a bad experience. You perceived them as lessons that could have told you how to fix things up and raise your relationship to new levels. You are aware of how well you handled them and you are starting to realize it could have worked out if you pushed a little harder. And you are probably only ready for it now.

    3. Whenever something amazing happens, he is the first person you want to share it with.

    At this point, it is very clear. If your thoughts are going his way every time something is going great or when you have something you would like to share, you definitely think your breakup was a bad decision. It is obvious that you think of him as a person that should be by your side while you’re living your life. It is starting to worry you, because you might have tossed away your chance.

    4. You still do your best to impress him.

    It might make no sense because you were the one who broke it off, but you still try to be at your best in case you bump into him. You want him to be disappointed that you’re gone out of his life. You will ask about him. If you start up a new relationship, you will try to find out how that makes him feel. You are not a couple anymore, but the fact that you are still trying to know him is an obvious sign that you still value his feelings and you miss being present inside his mind.

    5. You keep comparing all of your new love interests to him.

    As much as you tried to move one and get him out of your head, you can’t seem to do it. He is always there somewhere, especially when it comes to other men. Everything they do and everything they are is constantly pulled apart and analyzed. And still none of them come close to the one you allowed yourself to let go. You can’t get rid of that defeated feeling you have for messing things up, and all you wish for is to get a chance to fix it. At the same time, you are painfully aware that most likely that ship has sailed.

    All that is left to do now is to take a shot. There is nothing to lose that you haven’t lost already. If you never reach out and see where it leads you, you will be left wondering for the rest of your life. The worst thing that can happen is if he rejects you, and even then it’s not a bad thing. At least you will know where you stand so you won’t ever have to wonder if it would have worked out if you only had the courage to try and patch up your bond.

    5 Signs That Your Breakup Was A Mistake

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