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3 Reasons Your Relationships End Badly

Written by Aveline

It happened to you again. You have been disappointed in men so many times now that you simply started to believe some higher power has its eye on you and is out to get you. What other explanation could there be? Your life is constantly plagued by bad men and not a decent one in sight. Eventually, you will start thinking something must be wrong with you when everyone seems to be fine with hurting you. They seem to have no problem with being disloyal to you or lying to you all the time.

Well, guess what? It does not matter which of those things are always repeated in your relationships. The main reason why they are happening to you most likely lies and selfishness. And believe me, selfishness can be found in huge amounts in men who display bad behavior like that. Whatever the preferred misdemeanor is, in the center of each transgression is always the guy who does not care about anyone but himself. But the main issue at hand here is, you still keep loving men who will never make you their priority. Here are three reasons your relationships end badly.

You are in need of constant approval.

Have you ever stopped to think why you prefer guys who are so hard to be with instead of giving a chance to guys who actually really like you? The reason for it might be that it is not love that you expect from those men. Since you are always in need of others’ approval, almost to the point of it being an addiction, you keep choosing selfish guys. They are the ones who can provide you with the rush approval gives to you because they are never really happy with you. Being aware of their dissatisfaction with you, you will make it your everyday goal to find ways to please them. When you finally succeed and they show acceptance, the rewarding feeling you get out of it cannot be measured with anything.

Of course, every time your efforts fall flat, you find yourself feeling miserable and in need, just like an addict would feel. That is a clear sign that you are not choosing with your heart, but with your ego. While your heart seeks nothing but warmth and fulfillment, your ego craves validation from others. That is why it is always a bigger rush to you to chase and sway someone who doesn’t really want you or care about you. But even when you are successful, there is no real, permanent reward in it.

You mix up ego with confidence.

If you come across an egotistical man, everything will be about him and his needs. Very frequently it results in fights just so he could have it his way. He is not really interested in your wishes and he simply does whatever he pleases, whenever. Women often mix up this kind of selfish behavior with assertiveness. They think it is a simple masculine display of being in charge, and they love it. But as you can see, being self-confident is a far cry from that selfish behavior they exert.

Someone who is simply self-confident will never ignore your needs and will still make sure you are heard. So if you find yourself in situations where your plans are always changed in a way to better suit what he sees ideal, be sure that it has nothing to do with self-confidence. It is just his ego rearing its ugly head.

You cannot come to terms with people’s true natures.

He seems just perfect for you and he is so your type. At the same time you are sick of being on your own. You do not want to have to do it all over again with someone new. That is why moving on is out of the question, because letting him go would mean to let the best option you will ever have slip through your fingers. Instead, you convince yourself he can be fixed. You convince yourself there is this loving and caring person hidden somewhere deep inside.

Wake up! It does not matter how good-looking, stylish, and brilliant minded he is. An egomaniac is always only that. No pretty face can change or justify that. You have to accept that he will stay just the way he is, until he sees it and wishes to change it himself. The best thing you can do is to stop wasting your time, walk away while it is not too late. Let him deal with it on his own time. You can invest yours in yourself or in someone more deserving of it.

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