Fall in Love with Someone Who Will Be Your Lover and Your Best Friend in the same Time

your lover and your best friend
Written by Karen Clark

There are hundreds of texts telling you what the man you fall in love with should look like, how he should treat you, and how should he behave. But the most important thing that many seem to forget is that this man should be your friend before anything else. Whether we would like to admit it or not, romance and passionate love comes and goes. But friendship and respect always remain.


    You should fall in love with someone who will love you no matter what. With someone who will accept all of your imperfections, faults, and flaws, and who will love you for what you are. Fall in love with a man who will make you feel worthy and who will be thankful for having you. Fall in love with someone who will consider you worth fighting for and who will be brave enough to fight for you, despite all the difficulties and storms that will come in your lives.

    Love the man who will understand your craziness and who will understand if you sometimes behave recklessly. Love the person who will make you calmer when you are feeling upset or overwhelmed, the person who will talk to you with love even after a long and exhausting argument. Fall in love with someone who will appreciate the efforts you make for him and your relationship and who will guide you and give you support through everything. Fall in love with the man who will be your rock and your support through thick and thin.

    Love the man who will stay by your side at the end of the day. Fall in love with someone who considers your happiness important, with the man who will drive for hours just to see you smile. Fall in someone who will always be with you, no matter what happens. Search for a man whose kiss will make you feel like the most special woman in the world. Look for a man who will sing you a song to help you sleep and whose text message will wait for you as soon as you open your eyes.

    Fall in love with the guy who will be your lover and your best friend at the same time. This guy will always understand you and will know what you are thinking about before you even say it. He will talk to you about anything, he will comfort you with whatever happens. He will make you laugh and you will feel like a child when you are near him. And he will proudly hold your hand in front of everybody, because he will want everyone to know how happy and proud he is to have you.

    Fall in love with someone who will always find strength to forgive you, because he knows you and knows the reasons behind everything you do and say. This guy will be mature enough to take responsibilities for his actions and will never be too proud to apologize when he makes a mistake. He will never run away from problems in your relationship, because he cares for it and considers it worth fighting. This man will want to know what is bothering you and how he can help you. Fall in love with someone who will make all your worries, tears, and doubts look foolish.

    This guy will put you in front of all of his hobbies, jobs, friends, in front of everything. Find the guy who will always make you a priority, and not just an option. This guy will make your every moment together memorable. Remember, he is not just your lover, he is also your friend. Therefore, he knows everything about you, so he will try to constantly surprise you and amaze you.

    Fall in love with the guy who will fulfill his promises, who will give his best just not to disappoint you. This man will not only love you, he will respect you, everyone around you, and your life choices. He will always push you forward and will want you to improve and make the best of you, but he will never try to control you or change you. He will support you, even if he sometimes disagrees with you.

    Fall in love with someone who will love your soul more than your body.

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