We all strive to be good people, and we all strive to be better with each passing day. We feel at our most fulfilled when we are well liked, and positively viewed by other people. As a woman, it can be hard to be good all of the time. There’s so much pressure to be a certain way, and to adhere to social demands. But what makes a good woman? Here are some of the things that can make us better, more accommodating people.

Honesty is the best policy

Someone who is always honest has a much better reputation than someone who constantly lies through their teeth. People who are honest are well liked, because they never deceive a person or deny them of their expectations. A person will feel fulfilled in a relationship where the other person is always open and truthful with them, even when the truth can sometimes be painful.

Have a good sense of humor

Nobody likes a grump who can never see the bright side of life. It’s okay to be upset over something, but it’s important to also view when to take life as one big joke. If someone is taking a dig at you, grinning and bearing it takes a bully down a peg or two, and shows you as a good sport. There’s no negatives to being up for a good belly laugh now and then, so let yourself have fun and keep looking for life’s silver linings.

An open heart is important too

Being emotionally available to everyone important in your life is vital. You can’t go through life without letting some people in. It doesn’t mean you have to wear your heart on your sleeve, but what makes a good woman is someone who is in touch with how they’re feeling. If you can express those feelings to other people, you’ll suddenly be so much more relatable. Make yourself available to lend and ear too. Someone who can handle emotional conflict makes for a good friend, and therefor a good woman.

Confidence can be key to what makes a good woman

If you approach life with zest and confidence, you will always excel. Cockiness doesn’t come into it – confidence in yourself isn’t showing off, or self-indulging. Self-belief if key to happiness too, and finding it in yourself can change your whole perception of life, as well as people’s perceptions of you.

Be focussed and driven in life

A good woman has goals, and stops at nothing to reach them. Whether you’re headed for a fulfilled career or a wholesome family life, having somewhere to reach for means that you’ll always reach higher. Someone who aims high and hits low will still feel better in themselves, and will have a positive outlook in life that makes a person so likeable.

Treating people with respect and kindness is what makes a good woman

There’s no way around it – the best people in life are the ones that make us feel better about ourselves. The key to what makes a good woman lies in how you treat other people. Even if you don’t like a person, or you disagree with everything they stand for, showing that person kindness proves you are a good person. It shows maturity, emotional stability and resilience against people who may not be quite as pure of heart. They say to love your enemy, but a good person loves everyone. If you want to be a good woman, strive for universal love, respect and kindness. If you do, you can’t go too far wrong.