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8 Things Happy Couples Do Before Bed

Written by Aveline

When you start living together, things do not always stay the way they were. Maybe you imagined your life together would look a little differently. You thought you would be able to spend a lot more time with each other, doing all the things happy couples do. But as it turned out, going about your daily duties has made it a little difficult.

You might be a little scared that it will not end well and your busy life will tear your relationship apart. You shouldn’t be. As much as you value spending time together throughout the day, you should be aware that time spent together before bed is equally important. Why? Because there are certain things happy couples do before getting ready to sleep. If you and your partner do this, you can relax knowing that you are still fine and your relationship will persist.

This is the list of eight things happy couples do before bed.

They avoid work talk.

The moment you are comfortably snuggled in your bed, talking about work is out the window. You will not check your phones, voicemail, or e-mail. Instead, your time is better invested in being present in the moment with your significant other. Leave that type of worry outside of your bedroom door. Connecting with each other through pillow talk betters your emotional bond and helps you unwind.

They have an established routine.

We all know that following a daily routine is important and useful for our general well-being. It helps us stay in sync with our bodies and reduces possible issues that might occur, like insomnia. However, if you have a bedtime routine and you follow it with your partner, it will be even more rewarding. Following it together amplifies your connection and makes it more intimate.

They avoid quarrels and altercations.

Always do your best not to bring fights into your bedroom, even if it’s only a lovers quarrel. Fighting before bed is sure to end with holding a grudge, and the problem will still be unsolved. At the same time, it will render you unable to fall asleep, and after waking up tomorrow, both of you will be in a terrible mood.

They massage each other.

Massaging each other before sleep is an easy way to help each other relax and better the quality of your sleep. It is also another way of increasing the intimacy between partners, just like the majority of physical touch between lovers should be.

Their phones are in silent mode or are left out of the bedroom completely.

This is not just about phone calls and messages being a disturbance. It is about social media. Most of us nowadays cannot stop scrolling through social media, whatever we do. Especially before bed. It is overstimulating and can only make it harder for you to relax and fall asleep. Also, it hinders any chance for intimacy of any kind. Putting the phone away and instead getting closer with one’s partner is prefered among the things happy couples do.

They go to bed at the same time.

When you don’t get to see each other during the day, it might happen that you go to sleep at different times. Or by the time one of you arrives, the other one is asleep. Try to add this one to your couple’s routine also—both of you go to sleep at the same time. It helps make up for the lack of contact you might have had during the day.

They have intimate conversations.

One of the things happy couples do before bed will be having these conversations. They will range from telling each other more about your day to talking about feelings. This has nothing to do with problem solving and giving each other advice, nothing as intense. It is all about listening and supporting each other. Talk about what you feel towards each other, how much you love each other, and do your best to make it heartfelt.

They never forget cuddling before sleep.

Give each other kisses and hugs before bed. As it was already mentioned, touching your partner like this helps strengthen the intimacy. It is also one other way to unwind and make it easier for each other to fall asleep. If you hug each other while sleeping, you should know that it is also one of the things happy couples do. Sleeping while holding each other should be a definite sign everything is good between you and your partner.

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