One woman is enough for a real man. She should always be enough. We live in a world where it is unfortunately still normal for men to treat women like objects for pleasure. Some boys still think that girls are prizes to be won. Many others think that a man should not be attached to a single woman. Others think that women are objects to add to their collection. And all of them think that they are a real man. They think that they are a real man if they get into bed with multiple ladies. Falling in love with a single woman is unnecessary, nonexistent, unrealistic. These men are wrong, because one woman is enough for a real man.

Real men allow themselves to fall in love with one woman, to fall in love effortlessly. The real men are strong and secure, they are brave enough to love a single woman. They don’t treat them like objects. The real men don’t need multiple women just to prove that they are better than everyone else, that they are more powerful. Real men understand what love is and how it looks when you love a single woman. They are ready for commitment, they are not scared and frightened. Real men understand that one woman is enough. Also, they understand that they have to be loyal to a single woman because that is the only way their relationship will be strong and happy. The real man is mature enough to know what real love looks like, mature enough to fall in love with someone and commit to someone.

Real men understand that the best relationship is when you can act like lovers and best friends at the same time. The real men understand that none of us is perfect, but they love a single woman and treat her like she is. We all have our flaws and nobody is perfect. But those flaws make us who we are. A real man is ready to love all flaws as much as they love their woman. They will never try to change her. They will stay beside their woman no matter what, they are willing to love their woman through a bad time.

People suffer, that is how life sometimes is. But a real man understands that their suffering will be easier with a woman who they love most. The real men understand that love is when you love your person through everything, you love them the same no matter the situation. They can tell their woman that she is the best thing that happened to them, because they mean it and they are not afraid to tell her that. Love is something beautiful, something special, and they understand that. The real men are not afraid to tell their woman they love her more than anything, that they are the reason for their smile, for their happiness.

They are not afraid of their emotions, they are honest and open. When they love they are giving their best. There is no pretending, they tell you what they mean. And they can make mistakes, they are just humans, but they are not afraid to say sorry, they can apologize. The real men love and respect their woman for who she is. A real man loves only one woman and treats her like a lady, with respect and dignity. The real men commit to the relationship fully, they are loyal. They stay faithful no matter what, and they expect the same from their women.

The real men display intelligence, an awareness, and sensitivity. They are not waiting for the women to solve problems, they are ready to solve them together. They are making decisions together with their women, they step up and make the tough decisions. And there is no blame if they make something wrong, they will deal with that. They can say “I am sorry.”