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10 Things That Men Notice About You

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Written by Lauren Dover

They say never judge a book by its cover, and it is true. But to get know someone on a deep level, it can take months of time together and having conversations about everything. Each of us have preferences, some guys like brunettes, others like blondes. Some guys like girls who are totally into fashion, while others like girls who can play football with them. If you are wondering what men notice about you when they see you for the first time, here are some things:

Your smile.

The most beautiful thing that a woman can wear is a smile, so men notice it when they see you for the first time. A smile can say many things about you. If your smile is friendly, it will attract the attention of guys. But if your smile is sarcastic, that also says something about you, but it is less likely that you will attract attention. A friendly smile can send a positive message about you, and also makes it easier for guys to get closer to you.

Your laugh.

All of us love when someone laughs at our jokes, guys love it too. It makes them feel more confident. A real smile, a genuine laugh is something that guys will definitely notice. No one likes when someone giggles at absolutely everything, it can be really irritating.

Your eyes.

Eyes are something that men notice first. Actually, eyes are at the top on the list of things to notice. We heard many times that eyes are a window to a person’s soul, and this sentence exists for a reason. Looking into someone’s eyes we can see many things. Are they nervous, happy, or sad? Eye contact is very important, and if a guy doesn’t make any eye contact, you probably should move on to someone else.

Your body.

Many people have a specific type of person they are looking for. Like all others, some guys may prefer slim women, while others want a woman who looks like she spent a lot of time at the gym. We can’t say that men don’t notice your body when they first meet you, because they do.

Your personal style.

Definitely men notice your outfit because it says a lot about your personality. But most guys probably won’t be able to recognize the name brand of your jeans or your dress. Some guys like a woman who gets all glammed up, while others like a woman who wears sneakers and a basic t-shirt. But definitely they will notice your outfit when they meet you, because it says a lot about you and your personality.

Your hair.

These days many women put a lot of time into their hair. Men will definitely notice your hair. They might not be able to comment on your ombre or your bangs, but they will notice it in general. Men definitely notice that your hair looks healthy, because for some of them it may be important.

Your sense of humor.

If you can make a good joke, and if your humor is more subtle and witty, or sarcastic and dry, guys will definitely notice you. Many guys like a woman who has a good sense of humor. If you are one of them, there is no doubt that men notice it. Also it can help them to feel comfortable.

Your friends.

Sometimes it might look that you don’t have many things in common with your friends, but it might not be true. It is possible that you have a lot in common with your friends, that you are not even aware of it. But guys know that and they definitely notice it. So, your friends can be a reason why men notice you.

Your confidence.

We are all different, and there are a lot of different girls in this world.  Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes. When a woman is confident, it is sexy. And even if you are relatively shy, you can still have huge confidence, and it is also sexy. Definitely men notice a girl who is confident. There is no doubt about that.

Your makeup.

Chances that men know the difference between different brands of makeup is low. But there are guys that actually know the difference. Makeup is one great way to express yourself, and no matter what look you prefer, guys will notice it.

10 Things That Men Notice About You