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How To Survive Your Breakup?

Written by Aveline

Getting out of a relationship is never easy. It is even worse when it was not you who wanted it, or even thought of it. There you were, dreaming of a future for you and your partner, only to find out that all your partner had in mind was how to break it to you. We can all agree that those breakups really suck.

It gets even worse when you realize that it has been a while, but you still seem to be hung up on your ex. You have this feeling that your world has collapsed in on itself. Everything is hopeless and you see no way out of it.

It will probably stay that way for a while longer. You need time to sort it out with yourself. We know it hurts, but you have to remind yourself that recovery and healing will not come overnight.

In the meantime, do not let yourself to just wallow in your disappointment and heartbreak. Get yourself moving and start taking your life back in your hands. Here are some tips on how to survive your breakup.

Re-establish your old connections.

You might have some friends that you lost contact with for a number of reasons. This is your perfect chance to reconnect with them. Make plans, go out together, have fun. Finding out what’s new in their lives is sure to distract you from your thoughts.

Make some new connections.

Acquiring new friendships is always a thrill. Meeting new people and learning about them, while getting the chance to hang out with someone who knows nothing about that failed relationship is perfect. You get to present your new self to them without ever being bothered with pieces of your past you wish to forget.

Reach out for help.

There is absolutely no need for you to suffer through what happened on your own. Ask for help from your best friends, or even from your family members. None of them are free of the ordeal of losing someone they cared about. Having already gone through it, they will be able to help you and give you useful advice. Besides, any problem is easier to cope with when you share it with someone.

Discover new hobbies.

It is time for you to fall in love again. Not with a person though. Try things you have never tried before. Something that was on your wish since you can remember. Discover new passions that will make you feel more fulfilled than any relationship before. You will see how your focus will shift from bad things in no time.

Start working out.

If you used to do it, get back to it. You already know the benefits, mental and physical, that come with it. If you never did it before, it is a great moment to start and get acquainted with the rush that comes after every workout. It is of great help because not only is it a distraction, it will also make you feel better about yourself and your appearance. Who doesn’t love a good confidence boost?

Start going out.

But don’t try to drown your sadness in alcohol. You do not need to feel more pain than you already do. Get ready to go out and enjoy yourself. Being among people will divert your thoughts to something better to think about.

Focus on work.

Or whatever might be your current concern, like school. After a breakup, you have a lot more time on your hands. Do not waste it on self-pity. Instead, invest it in yourself and your goals. You still remember where you wanted to be, right? It is yet another chance to shift your focus to something that will be of a bigger significance for you and your future.

Finally, focus on yourself.

There is something good in being single again. At least for a while, you do not have to think of anyone but yourself. Discover yourself again. Remember who you used to be and what you used to love. Use that extra time on your hands to self-reflect and connect with the better version of yourself that is hidden inside you.

Do not wait on anyone else to bring you joy. Find it in yourself and everything you do.

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