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11 Sings You Have Found Your Happily Ever After

happily ever after
Written by Lauren Dover

Love is something amazing and special, and for many of us finding our soulmate is one of the most important things in life. Most of us need love, and most of us need to be loved. Finding “the one,” “my soulmate,” “my better half,” and “my happily ever after” is special because many of us are looking for them all our life.

Here are signs that you have found your happily ever after:

You are not afraid to be yourself with your soulmate.

It is amazing when you don’t have to pretend in front of someone. Your partner loves you just the way you are, and you can show who you truly are. There is no need for masks, for playing and pretending. You are not afraid to show who you are, and they love you because of it.

Because of your partner, you forget all bad things.

With your soulmate you forget all bad things from the past. You know that they understand you and that they will support you. Also, you can count on your love when you have a rough day at work or when you are just in the bad mood. Your happily ever after is truly by your side, and you can count that they will be there forever.

Your plans for the future are the same.

You can see that someone is your happily ever after when you have the same plans for your future. Maybe this is the most important thing. You can talk about plans for your future, and they are pretty much the same. So you can be pretty sure that you found your happily ever after.

Your partner respects your opinions and differences.

All your opinions and all the differences between you and your partner are fully respected. You and your happily ever after share many similarities and opinions, so it is clear sign that you found your right one. You respect them and they respect you.

Your intuition tells you that you found your happily ever after.

Many of us experienced “love at first sight,” and there was a strong cohesiveness, despite not knowing them well. Your intuition tells you that they are the right one, that you found your happily ever after. Good for you if you are one of the lucky ones.

You and your partner challenge each other.

Your partner is there for you and respects you in every sense. Actually, you and your partner challenge each other. Your partner encourages you to be better, to reach your full potential.

Even without words you understand each other.

Sometimes there is no need for words, you two can understand each other without speaking. You have deep interconnection with your soulmate, so you can understand them, and they can understand you even without words. This is a strong sign that you already found your happily ever after.

Your soulmate is your best friend.

You and your happily ever after have a close friendship, you are a couple but also you are best friends. You understand each other, get each other, and your friendship is at a deep level. There is nothing more beautiful when you actually marry your best friend.

Your partner knows all your flaws and qualities and all of them are accepted.

You know everything about your partner, and your partner knows everything about you. You accept each other’s flaws and you love each other despite them. This is also a really strong sign that your partner is your happily ever after. For you two flaws are not a relationship barrier. Even when it is about impulsiveness and stubbornness, you know how to deal with it. Nothing is a problem because you love each other enough to deal with everything.

Your relationship is worth fighting for and both of you know it.

There are good and bad times in every relationship. People make mistakes, also disagreements happen, but if a relationship is worth of fighting for, there are no problems. For both of you, your relationship is worth fighting for. This is a good sign that you found your happily ever after.

Being apart is not that big of a deal for you and your partner.

Being apart is not a problem, because you trust each other. You are best friends and a couple so you don’t have to be afraid of anything.

11 Sings You Have Found Your Happily Ever After