What Goes Down In an Empath And narcissist Relationship?

Written by Chloe M.

It’s a pair you don’t expect to see together often, but it’s more common than you might thing. They do say, after all, that opposites attract. However, it is clear that an empath and narcissist relationship is like no other you’ll see. When two completely different people collide, it can either be amazing or a complete disaster. So what goes down in an empath and narcissist relationship?


    They even one another out…or they don’t

    An empath and a narcissist are like acid and alkaline. Mixing the two together perfectly creates neutrality. Except sometimes, it doesn’t work that way. A strong narcissist and a strong empath will likely even one another out, but when personality is stronger than the other, it can crush the other into the sand. This means that it’s very difficult for an empath and narcissist to meet in the middle. However, when they do, they manage to bring out the best in one another. Often, a narcissist who is dating an empath will soften their ego a little, making them more bearable to be around for everybody.

    An empath and narcissist relationship is fragile

    With two strong personalities shining through, and relationship can be difficult. When those personalities completely clash, it’s even harder. An empath is less likely to understand the needs of a narcissist, because they simply can’t put themselves in their shoes. It works vice versa. An empath and narcissist relationship requires extra thought and care to ensure both parties are happy and satisfied, which isn’t always an easy feat.

    Empaths and narcissists fight differently

    A narcissist feeds off drama, and when it comes to fighting with their partner, it can often be explosive. However, when an empath is involved, it’s much less likely to blow up. An empath would never seek out a fight, and would be very upset by the way a narcissist expresses their anger or upset. For this reason, a narcissist will either have to tone themselves down and squash their ego during a fight, or watch their empath partner fall to pieces.

    Empaths make narcissists less selfish

    In a narcissist’s world, it’s all about me, myself and I. It can be very difficult for people to get along with narcissists, as their competitive ego takes over all of their good traits and overshadows them. However, when a narcissist dates an empath, they have to keep themselves in check – they’re now responsible for someone other than themselves. Empaths in particular need regular attention and reassurance, so when a narcissist is dating an empath, they need to be aware of this. Tending to someone’s needs other than their own will bring out the better side of a narcissist and make them a better person.

    An empath is likely to want different things to a narcissist

    Empaths, for example, tend to be family orientated. They have a lot of love to share, and they easily become broody, craving the emotional release a child can provide. Narcissists don’t tend to care. They only want to focus on themselves, and being in a relationship is enough to disrupt that anyway.

    Empaths can feel overshadowed by a narcissist

    A narcissist always loves to be in the limelight, that’s for sure. But sometimes, an empath just wants attention too. Attention is the kind of emotional assurance they need to be in a successful relationship. When an empath dates a narcissist, they have no hope of ever receiving the kind of attention they crave, which can often mean an empath and narcissist relationship ends in tears.

    What Goes Down In an Empath And narcissist Relationship?

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