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Don’t Give Up on Someone You Love

Give up
Written by Karen Clark

Nothing about love is logical or rational. Love doesn’t make sense. You don’t know why you love someone. You can name many of their qualities, but you don’t know why you truly love someone, you simply do. And that is the essence of true love. There are probably many other guys around you that might be more handsome, more educated, and funnier. But you simply don’t care. This person is everything you need and want. You can’t explain it to yourself nor to others, but it’s like you can’t breathe without him and you simply can’t imagine your existence without this person.

These days, people seem to give up on love quickly, without a fight. Whenever the slightest problem occurs, people run away. They can’t handle each other’s personalities and each other’s problems. Nobody is the same, but people seem to be so self-centered that they can’t even imagine putting someone else’s needs in front of their own, even for a second. But love is so much more. Or at least, it should be more. When you love someone, you commit to that person and you should be with them through good and bad times, through thick and thin. If you love someone, there is no running away at the first glance of problems. If you love someone, you never leave this person alone.

Love isn’t always simple. It’s often hard, emotionally challenging, burdening, and tiring. You often feel exhausted and like you can’t take it anymore. But, when you imagine how your life would look like if that person is not around, you suddenly realize it’s all worth it. You don’t care what other people think, you don’t care if you look desperate, and the only thing you care about is him. People tell you that you deserve more and better. But nobody knows how you feel. Nobody is inside you, and others can never know the depth of your emotions.

His happiness is everything for you, and you would do even the impossible to see him happy. You feel the strength you didn’t know you possessed when it comes to him. You are never tired, you are never scared, and you would do anything in your power to protect him and what you have.

But the best proof that you love someone is that you never even think on giving up on him. No matter what he does, you’ll be there for him. No matter how much he has hurt you, you have always found excuses for him. You are realistic, you are very well aware of his flaws and imperfections. But you stand by his side despite them. Actually, you don’t love him despite his flaws, you love him because of them. He sometimes annoys you and gets on your nerves, but when you come to think about it, you would never change a thing about him, even if you could. Because you love him for what he is. If he changed anything, he wouldn’t be the same person you fell in love with in the first place.

You want to see him grow and improve, but to stay loyal to himself. You always believed in him, even when he has lost all hope. And you are there for him to push him forward and to catch him if he falls because that is the true purpose of love. You are not just lovers and romantic partners, when it comes to true love, you are best friends and family. And you don’t leave your best friend behind, no matter the cost.

So, don’t allow anything or anyone to stop you from being with the person you love. Don’t let people discourage you. Most people around us like to give pieces of advice and be smart when someone else’s life is at stake. Don’t let anyone tell you that your love or relationship is not worth it. Don’t let anyone assure you that true love doesn’t exist and that you shouldn’t fight for it. You are the only one who is in control of your life, and you will be dealing with the consequences of your actions. So, if you found someone you know is worth fighting for, go for it and never give up.

Don’t Give Up on Someone You Love