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Don’t Be Afraid To Love

don't be afraid to love
Written by Aveline

People are often afraid of loving. Sometimes, they have a good reason. Maybe their heart was broken before and maybe it happened more than once. Sometimes, it is simply because they have seen so much heartbreak around them. After that, all they want is to protect themselves from the same destiny.

The thing is, we are not aware how much our purpose in this life is connected to giving and receiving love. Our hearts are meant to fall for others. We are supposed to feel mad passion and accept it just the way it is. With all of its madness. We are supposed to be a part of someone else’s voyage and let others be a part of ours.

Yet, we still shy away from it. We do it because, as great as love is, it just might be the scariest thing ever. It is scary because your heart is someone else’s now. Your feelings have conjured up a storm inside you and it is starting to feel like you will never regain control over yourself. In a way, you will not.

When someone else enters the picture, your emotions are not your own anymore. That leaves you feeling vulnerable. It leaves you working overtime to hide and protect your heart as best as you can. But you shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t hold yourself, or your heart, back. This world is a place that could use some more love.

So, do not be afraid to give it. Do not think if you love too much, you will run out of it. Love is not something expendable. It cannot be depleted and it should not be conserved. Let it out then, let it free. You will not go all out by giving it away, but you can run out of it if you smother it.

Do not be mistaken in thinking that love is only about giving it away, though. Allowing yourself to love and to be loved is also for your own good. Love will mean change for the better. Love will mean pushing out all the negative feelings and tearing down insecurities and pain. It will mean switching them with light inside your heart. With feelings of happiness and empathy.

I know it sounds so simple, but it looks more complicated to achieve when you know that pain is real and it happens. That is exactly why we think it is scary. But the thing is, life is like that. You will have ups and downs through it anyways. Then why not let yourself have them as a consequence of something as wonderful as love is?

Don’t let yourself be so guarded and full of fear just because of something that might happen, but doesn’t mean it will. Make it your decision to only see the good that might come out of it. And don’t let anyone tell you that closing your eyes for potential doom is cowardly. It is not. Choosing to see only good is courageous. Worrying about bad things before they even happen is as useful as summoning them in your life.

If you still find yourself afraid to love, try doing some of these things.

If you’re afraid to love, the chance is there is a different fear buried a little deeper than you were willing to dig. And it is trying to resurface. Look into it, try to solve it, or at least make peace with it. There is no loving others until you accept and love who you are inside.

When you finally learn to say goodbye to that fear, give yourself some credit. It took a strong person to dig deeper and confront what you were fearing this whole time.

Try to embody the love you feel. Be positive. Enclose yourself and your loved ones in that love and positivity.

Be aware that you are never alone in this. All of us are forced to confront these fears at some stage of our lives.

Keep this in the back of your mind— don’t be afraid to love. Love is not the scary part. Living life without love in it is what is really frightening.

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