A girl who likes to fix people will never stop trying to fix herself too.

A girl who likes to fix others is also trying to fix herself. She will always try to be a better person, so she still work on herself. She is trying to improve herself, and she works really hard at trying to become the best version of herself.

This girl is not afraid of your darkness.

She loves darkness and dark sides of people, so she is gives her best to work on dark and twisted sides. Every part that someone is trying to hide from the world she will try to fix. This girl understands that everyone has issues that need resolving, so she is not afraid of dark demons. She likes darkness, because she sees the light in every darkness.

She will never lose hope.

No matter how hard fixing people can be, she doesn’t lose hope. And no matter how other people tell her that she can’t fix someone, she believes that everyone needs help sometimes. So no matter what, she will never stop trying to help someone who is broken.

Girl who likes to fix people doesn’t give up easily.

This girl doesn’t stop trying to fix others, and she will never quit if she loves that person she tries to fix. She doesn’t give up easily, her desire is too big for her to give up so easily.

She likes imperfections of others.

This can sound silly but this girl can like someone even more if they have imperfections. She knows that no one is perfect and that imperfections make us who we are. The girl who likes to fix people knows that imperfections make us stronger and even more beautiful. Every flaw she will make to look like something beautiful.

This girl sees only the best in everyone.

No matter how bad things look, she will find the best in every person she is trying to fix. She is able to see true potential in everyone even if they can’t see it. This girl understands that there will be disappointment, but that doesn’t faze her at all. A girl who likes to fix people sees good in everyone.

She will heal your brokenness.

This girl will do everything she is capable of just to try to heal the broken heart of someone, because she knows what it feels like to be broken. She already fixed her heart so she knows what to do to fix the broken heart of other people.

This girl is forgiving.

Forgiveness is strength and she knows it. She sees people for their hearts, she chooses that way, and she will forgive everything. Also she will forgive even when they are not sorry, because that is who she is.

She wants to fix the world.

This girl doesn’t want just to fix people, she wants to fix the world, she wants to help the world somehow. This is who she is, and she is giving her best trying to fix as many people as possible.

This girl doesn’t see people as a project.

This girl will not leave when she is done fixing. All those she has fixed are not just another case in her book. She loves the people she is fixing, she wants them to be a better person, she wants their happiness, because she loves them.

She always perseveres.

A girl who likes to fix people understands that life can be tough, so she is not a girl who walks away from challenges, she stays. This girl is strong, brave, and resilient.

This girl has the power to heal emotional wounds.

Because of her past and her emotional wounds, she knows how to heal emotional wounds. She will try to help someone who has been scared by experiences in the past. This girl is there when someone needs help to recover, to get over some things and problems from the past.

She is very understanding and sensitive.

Her levels of patience, understanding, and sensitivity are really high. She doesn’t have a problem to see things from the perspective of others. This girl is a naturally empathetic person. Her mind is open, she is a good listener. She understands everything, and she is really, really sensitive.