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7 Things to Know Before Dating the Girl with a Big Heart but Complicated Mind

Girl with a big heart but complicated mind
Written by Karen Clark

When you are dating or are in a relationship with a girl who has a big heart but a complicated mind, you need a huge amount of patience and compassion. A relationship with this kind of girl is everything but typical, and this girl is very special and uncommon. You sometimes may feel overwhelmed and burdened with this relationship, but trust me, it will be worth it. Before you get involved with a girl with a big heart but complicated mind, here are seven things you need to know.

She is shy

This girl won’t make the first move. In the beginning, you’ll maybe even think she is uninterested, but actually she is just shy. She needs some time to open up to you and to be comfortable around you. This girl needs some time to warm up, so if you want to be with her, you’ll need to arm yourself with extra patience.

She won’t put up with you

This girl won’t let you do whatever you want. She is very much aware of her value and she won’t put up with anything less than what she deserves. This girl won’t be comfortable with everything you say or do. She cares about you, but she also cares about herself. She will tell you when you are wrong even if she appears harsh sometimes.

She will always be there for you

But, even if she criticizes you, she will always be there for you. No matter what you do, this girl will always have your back. She will always push you forward and will believe in you, even if everybody else stops, including yourself. But you need to know how to appreciate this. This girl doesn’t expect for you to be grateful, you just need to appreciate her and everything she does for you.

She won’t limit your freedom

Don’t expect for this girl to be jealous. It doesn’t mean that this girl is not interested in you. She doesn’t have the desire to control you or change you. She is aware of her worth, and she doesn’t feel intimidated or threatened by other girls. But be careful! If this girl finds out you are cheating on her or are doing something similar, she will forget you and everything about you without a second thought.

She is not petty

This girl won’t argue with you over unimportant things. These girls can’t stand childish behavior and drama. She wants a peaceful, healthy relationship, and she doesn’t need you to bring unnecessary unrest and turmoil into her life. This doesn’t mean she will simply let you get away with everything you do, she remembers everything. Don’t be surprised when she leaves and you think it’s for no apparent reason.

She has a harsh exterior but a generous heart

When you first meet this girl, you will think nothing can hurt her. You will even think that she has no feelings at all. But this cannot be further from the truth. She doesn’t show her true emotions in the beginning. She won’t show you she is crazy for you nor will she allow for you to see that you hurt her. She does this because she is aware of her vulnerability and sensitivity and she doesn’t allow herself to open up to someone. When you get to know this girl, you learn how big, generous, and warm a heart she has. She has the ability to love you to the fullest, but also has the ability to be hurt to the fullest.

You are special if this girl loves you

She doesn’t love or even like just anyone. If she chose to open up to you and if she let you see her vulnerable side, you must be pretty special to her. She has a small circle of people around her, but she would do anything for those people. She won’t be telling you she loves all the time and don’t expect typical romantic gestures from her. But if she truly loves you and cares about you, she will definitely show you in her own way.

7 Things to Know Before Dating the Girl with a Big Heart but Complicated Mind