7 Signs You’re an Empath

Written by Chloe M.

An empath is somebody with an ability to perceive another person’s emotional well-being, and feel the emotions they’re feeling. They’re highly emotional and sensitive people who are often in tune with their friends and family to an extreme level. Empaths are great friends, and they’d do almost anything for you. But what are the signs you’re an empath? Here are a few.

You are highly sensitive

You tend to be criticised for your sensitivity, even though it tends to be one of the signs you’re an empath. You get easily upset, but not without good reason. You care about others, and animals, and you get angry and sad if you see a creature in need. You want to help anyone and everyone who will accept your help, because you believe that love makes the world go around. Despite your sensitivity, you’re very strong – you take on the hardships of others to help them through difficulties.

You tend to soak up the emotions of others

When you have a friend who is upset, you immediately get upset too. You feel so strongly protective of those close to you that you feel everything that they do. When your friend is going through a break up, you feel the heart ache almost as strongly as they do. You almost meld with other people to experience things from their point of view, and as a result, you’re very perceptive of how they’re feeling.

You’re an introvert

You need time to yourself to recharge after bouts of long communication. You’ve never been one to soak up the limelight, and you don’t like too much attention, even if it’s positive. You don’t feel the need to be in focus, because you keep your social circles, and don’t ever stray far from them. You’re not particularly confident, and you’d rather keep to yourself.

You are perceptive and intuitive

You know exactly what those close to you are thinking and feeling in any given situation. You can judge exactly how a person might react to circumstance, and since you tend to know people very deeply and on a spiritual level, you know how to stop them from acting out in anger or fear. You tend to know people at least as well as they know themselves, even when a person tends to believe they’re something of an enigma.

You need time alone

Being around people for long periods of time really takes it out of you. When you’ve had a day spent with a large group, you feel like you’ve channelled all of the negativity they’ve been feeling, and took on their pain. You need time to recharge before you hang out with people again because for an empath, it’s kind of emotionally exhausting.

You are a good partner, but relationships overwhelm you

You want to give your everything to somebody, but even you know that an empath in a relationship can be a lot to handle. It’s hard for the empath too – you feel like you’re constantly taking on your partner’s problems. You need someone who is chilled out, otherwise you find yourself constantly worrying about their wellbeing as well as your own.

Your friends say there are signs you’re an empath

Sometimes, we as humans find it hard to recognise qualities in ourselves, but our friends always know us best. If your friends have indicated there are signs you’re an empath, then they’re probably right. If you fit with all of the above criteria too, there’s no chance it’s just a coincidence. You’re an empath at heart!

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