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This Is What Men Do When They’re Truly In Love

truly in love with you
Written by Deborah Carbone

You know those videos that are flooding social media nowadays, showing us men resorting to grandiose gestures in order to prove their undying love to their women and the world? We had intricate dates, expensive presents, sea of roses, flash mob proposals, and dozens of different trends circulating our dashboards. All of them made women swoon over men who came up with such things. Men who did not see it as emasculating to publicly display the effort they made.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for their happiness. But don’t you think that videos like that only reinforce wrong notions of what heartfelt and genuine gestures of love are really like? It causes us to have these unrealistic expectations about what a man’s love should be and how it should be shown. So when you come across a regular guy who might not be as imaginative or financially able to afford that kind of extravagance, his attempts to show love can fall flat. Even worse, they might not be valued or even noticed.

Here is a little list of simple things a regular guy does to show you love and appreciation, so next time you notice them doing any of these, know that they are worth of being cherished.

He is honest.

There are a lot of men capable of selling you a story that will make them look like the man of your dreams. They know just the right thing to say at any given time. But if he is truly in love with you, he won’t even think about it. He knows how valuable trust is in any relationship and he won’t risk disappointing you later on.

He is a better man with you.

When they fall in love, they feel like their partner deserves only the best from them. That is why they will do what is in their power to get their lives together. Truly falling for a woman can make even the most mediocre guy be someone better.

He is protective.

Men tend to be very protective over people they care about, especially when it is about the woman of their dreams. Always keeping a watchful eye on you, they will do more than just shield you from physical pain. They will also try to shield you from emotional trauma, but at the same time, they will try not to cause any themselves.

He is respectful.

This one is crucial. If your man sees you as nothing more than a body to quench his thirst, it is not love. A man who truly respects you sees you as an equal. A partner in every sense of that word. That means you are not there to do what you’re told, to be a fantasy fulfilled. It also means your opinions and emotions are considered and taken into account as valid, even if they don’t necessarily agree with your standpoint.

He never forgets important things.

When a man truly loves you, he pays attention to everything about you and he remembers it. He will know about your favorite song, how you like your coffee, and what annoys you the most. These might not seem of any importance, but they are small things that make you the person you are. Appreciating them, he shows appreciation to you. Also, he will never forget to celebrate your important dates, like anniversaries and birthdays.

He knows when to let go.

A loving man will not be demanding and possessive of your time. He is sure of the love you two share. That is why he won’t make a problem out of your need to go about your duties, spending time with friends and doing things you enjoyed doing even before you knew each other. He knows how important it is for you both to lead lives separate from the one you create together.

He fights for you.

When a man is sure he has found the one, things that he never bothered to do before will become a priority. He will work his behind off to keep you around him and he will work on his mistakes. He is aware that love like that is rare, and if he loses you, he might never find another one like you.

This Is What Men Do When They’re Truly In Love