You know that feeling when you first fall in love and start dating someone new in your life. That feeling that makes you forget about everything you were supposed to be doing. You can never get enough of your new love interest and all you can think of is spending more time with them.

I know it is easy to become completely preoccupied with your partner. But if you are not cautious, you might forget your relationships outside of your relationship. You do not want to neglect people who were in your life long before your partner. People who care about you deeply.

Never forget you have friends who still want to spend time with you. They want to spend time with the person that used to go out with them, the one they could talk to. With that person who they could ask for advice. What they don’t want is to only hear about your partner all the time. They most certainly wouldn’t enjoy seeing you being all over each other every time you hang out. So remember to put time aside to spend without your new lover. Instead, spend it with your friends. It will benefit you in a lot of ways, especially with keeping your feet on the ground when it comes to your partner.

Refusing your friends’ invitations all the time, soon you will find out that you have grown apart with your friends. When they finally manage to get you for themselves, you will notice how many things you have missed. You know nothing about your friends’ plans lately, or about new and exciting things that have been happening to them. With time, they might stop confiding in you, and it will not be surprising at all because you are never there when they need you.

You don’t want to estrange your friends, especially if that new relationship proves to be a failure. You will want support from people that love you. And even if you think you can manage through it on your own, you will still want to have your friends to spend time with, like you used to. So try to balance it out instead. Make enough time for both parties. Or introduce your partner to your friends and go out together from time to time. It is a great feeling to see your dearest ones get along well.

One of the other relationships outside of your relationship that should always be your priority is family. Mostly when you are younger, you might not see how a relationship with your family surpasses romantic ones. I know this might not be true for everyone, since some people have no family or they had to cut ties with them for any reason. But those of you who grew up in functional families where everyone always had your back, remember that they did. Family means people who were there since you can remember, and it means people who will be there whenever you need them. So remember to repay it by being there when they need you.

When you fall in love, what happens sometimes is that you lose a piece of yourself. You are not on your own anymore and now you have to take your partner’s wishes into account as well. You realize you are not free any longer to do whatever you want, whenever you want it. That is why the last one among your relationships outside of your relationship to remember is the one with yourself.

Yes, now you should take your partner into account as well and compromise from time to time. But don’t let yourself go overboard with that. Do not lose who you are in that relationship. Take time to still do things you love. Take time to spend on self-reflection and pampering yourself. And lastly, never allow yourself to abandon your convictions and goals.

So, the bottom line is, spend all the time you want with your partner and enjoy every minute of it. Give them a lot of attention, just make sure to always equally cherish those relationships outside of your relationship. They will provide you with things in life that you wouldn’t get solely from pursuing that romance.