6 Mistakes A Man Shouldn’t Make In A Relationship

Written by Peggysue

Being in love is the best feeling in the world. Relationships are one big journey, first kiss, first “I love you,” and everything else. It is just wonderful. But on the other side, relationships can be really tough, and sometimes they break up. Not all relationships break because one partner was cheating, there are many, many other reasons. A relationship require a lot of sacrifice and understanding. We are all humans, we make mistakes, but it is not okay if we constantly repeat them. If there is no understanding, a relationship can end. Both women and men make mistakes and do some things wrong in relationship.

There are mistakes that men make in a relationship:

  • You disrespect her friends.

Maybe your woman has friends that you do not like. You do not like her girls because you don’t find them good for her. But you have to know that your woman is not like them, she is just hanging out with them. You don’t have to be friends with them, she won’t force you. Try to respect them, because of your girl, don’t be rude. And if you ever get a chance to meet them, be polite.

  • Often you become violent or you shout at her.

When you are screaming and shouting at your woman, she will be scared, like every other woman. Every woman is scared of abusing, and through the time women have been abused. When you are angry, control yourself, control your temper. Violence will not bring you anything good. Try to talk with her and discuss things, don’t shout or scream. She doesn’t deserve any kind of violence.

  • You don’t like and you doubt her male friends.

Every woman has at least one male friend, and that is not something you should get worried about. Maybe she spent a lot of time with her male friends, and she is hanging out with them. But you have to remember that friends do not have any gender, they are just friends. Don’t think that she will cheat on you or that she is ditching you. She doesn’t tell you anything about your female friends, so respect her and don’t doubt her male friends. There is no sexual attraction between them, she is all yours.

  • You don’t call her or text her, actually you ignore her too much.

Every woman loves attention, actually they love when men express their love and give her all his attention. So, express your love. Even if you are busy at work or you are doing some other things, find a minute to text her. Your text, just one your text will make her happy and put smile on her face. No matter how busy she is, she always finds a time to call you or text you. So you have to find time for her too. Actually you will brighten her day with just one text. If you don’t text her or call her, she will be sad. She needs to know that you are thinking about her even when you are busy and doing other things.

  • You didn’t introduce her to your family and friends.

Every woman on this planet wants commitment. She will feel special if you introduce her to your family and your good friends. It will make her happy, and she will know that you are sure about her and your relationship.

  • You are trying to change the way she dresses.

This mistake is one of the most common and actually a really dangerous mistake. How she will dress is her choice. She doesn’t tell you how to dress or to wear something that she thinks would fit you. You might like certain dresses and you want to see her in them, but you can’t ask her to change the way she dresses. You just can’t. It is not okay to ask her to change her style because of you. She wears what she is comfortable with, and that is that. This mistake can scare her, because she will have the feeling you are trying to snatch away her liberty.

Keep all these mistakes in your mind because if you keep doing them, maybe you will break her heart. And you don’t want to make her sad and broken. Try to work on these mistakes, and you will see the change. Your woman will be happier.

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