There are many reasons why we marry the wrong person at times. We never know what the future holds for us, but we never expect to marry someone and it end in divorce. We all tell ourselves that each relationship is going to be the one that last forever, but the truth is, we never can tell what the future holds. So what makes us marry the wrong person in the first place?

We think they are the one

When we marry someone, it’s usually because we think they’re perfect for us. They make us laugh, they pick us up when we’re down, and they know everything there is to know about us. We see them as perfection, and we would never imagine there would be a reason that they’re not. Sometimes, though, circumstances change and leave us with a broken memory of what we once had.

We don’t think we have a better option

Someone who has been mentally or physically abused may start to believe they don’t have a better option than the person they’re with. They’ll be told constantly that no one will ever love them again. They crave the love that others get, but they start to believe they don’t deserve it. A person in this situation will never express this fear to anyone else, because they don’t want to seem ungrateful for what they have. Often, they’re also still in love with the person, which allows their abusive partner to keep them in their place beside them.

We married the right person, and then they changed

People change all the time, but it’s not often that someone changes so significantly, that we can’t see the person they used to be. When it happens, however, it can be very hard to carry on loving someone, and it makes us question why we marry the wrong person. The trouble is, the person was right at the time, and then circumstances changed too much to go back on.

We don’t foresee the circumstances that break us apart

There are lots of reasons why couples break up that don’t involve marrying the wrong person. Sometimes people have affairs. Sometimes we lose family or children, and it can break apart a marriage. These things can bring out the worst in us. We can argue and shout and scream over things out of our control, but it doesn’t mean we’ve married the wrong person – it means life has thrown us a curveball.

We love someone, but they’re not right for us

We all know of someone who is devoted to their partner, even though they’re completely different people at heart. These types of couples can never agree on anything, and every time they disagree, it tend to end in tears for them both. It is easily possible to fall into this kind of relationship, even when both parties involved know it’s not healthy for them. When this is the case, love blinds us and doesn’t allow us to see that we are marrying the wrong person.

We don’t know why we marry the wrong person

The heart wants what it wants at the time. Sometimes, it’s inevitable that we have to kiss a few frogs to find our princes. No matter what, we all make mistakes at some point, and marriage can be the same. Maybe we rush in too fast. Maybe we take it too slow. Whatever the reason, we don’t know why we marry the wrong person. It’s just a part of life, and probably always will be.