Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy

Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy
Written by Deborah Carbone

To have a happy life, you have to find true love with the right person and by finding one, you will completely change your own life because real love can have a positive impact on all areas of your life. But to have that true love which moves mountains, you have to be with someone who makes you happy.


    And when you find someone who makes you happy for the first time, you will truly know what real love is. You will go through all the bad days together and learn valuable life lessons with your significant other. Life is easy if you are with the right person because bad days can’t be stronger than the positive impact of real love.

    Life lessons that you will learn will also teach you self-love so don’t be afraid to start a new relationship when you find someone who makes you happy. The first time you make someone happy will make you realize how finding the one who will help you learn self-love can help you improve your own life.

    When he makes you happy, don’t be afraid to have a happy life with him. Date someone who is going to show you for the first time what it is like to have self-love and don’t be afraid of learning life lessons together.

    When you are in a new relationship, make someone happy by expressing your love toward your significant other. When someone makes you happy, you want to make someone else happy as well. But to make someone happy, you first have to learn all the life lessons life brings your way.

    Have you ever asked yourself how someone can make you happy? Date someone who will make you have that silly smile on your face every time you see them and find someone who makes you happy because you owe it to yourself.

    Be with someone who makes you happy

    Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy

    Don’t you want to learn how someone can make you happy? You owe it to yourself to find someone who makes you happy and to make someone happy as well. So read about what that person should be like.

    1. Date someone who doesn’t mind delaying gratification

    Every relationship has to face unpleasant things like running a boring errand, embarrassment, actively listening instead of doing what you would like, vulnerability, resisting acting on angry impulses or taking out the trash.

    Be with a person who makes you happy and has the ability to do an unpleasant thing rather than an enjoyable thing to achieve a more important benefit for the sake of your relationship.

    2. Date a person who is present

    Your partner needs to be able to engage in the moment with you. All of us are busy, but it is essential to find time to focus on your partner at least a few times a week.

    Be with a person who makes you happy instead of someone unable to disconnect from distractions, unplug or engage in interacting with you because that person will only make you feel lonely. Someone who can be in the moment with you will be a better listener because he will be completely focused on what you are saying.

    3. Date someone who will make you feel emotionally safe

    To be with someone who makes you happy, you have to find a person who will make you feel emotionally safe. And that means that you are comfortable making a direct request and being vulnerable as well as being who you are around them.

    Be with someone who makes you happy instead of someone who is defensive, who criticizes, is annoyed or condescending and talks you out of your feelings because you will never feel emotionally safe with a person like that.

    And when you don’t feel emotionally safe, you will feel powerless and disconnected or even miserable and depressed. Be with someone who will be open to hearing what you have to say even if he doesn’t like it and will never act critical or defensive but will feel that your emotions are understandable and will consider your desires and requests.

    4. Date a person who doesn’t have to be in control all the time

    A healthy relationship is when both partners can tolerate not being in control from time to time. To be with someone who makes you happy, you have to be ready for when you two won’t always have things under control, which is perfectly fine and shouldn’t upset you.

    5. Date someone who is ready to take control when needed

    On the other hand, some people don’t know how to be responsible for actions and decisions, so to be with someone who makes you happy, you have to find someone with the ability to be proactive and in charge of things.

    6. Be with someone who makes you happy by appropriately communicating his feelings

    You have to find someone who is emotionally aware if you want to be with someone who makes you happy. Your partner should be able to pinpoint when he is feeling ignored or disrespected instead of flying into a non-constructive rage. It’s always a good sign when your partner is emotionally aware and understands his feelings.

    7. Be with someone who makes you happy by appropriately communicating his needs

    You need to be with someone who is able to directly request what he needs without passive-aggression, criticism, passiveness, aggression or yelling. Be with someone who makes you happy by calmly making specific requests for you to change some behavior without making you feel inferior or inadequate.

    8. Be with someone who is humble

    When it comes to forgiving someone or asking for forgiveness, humility is important, so in a happy relationship, both partners are able to abandon pride and ego when that is necessary.

    9. Be with someone who tolerates togetherness and emotional intimacy

    To be with someone who makes you happy, you have to choose a person who is as comfortable sharing needs, thoughts and emotions as well as you are. You two should feel comfortable discussing a problem instead of pretending that it isn’t there and trying to avoid it. You need to share successes, fears, life goals, and vulnerabilities comfortably.

    10. Be with someone who can deal with separateness

    Your partner has to have the ability to tolerate separateness which means that he should be comfortable doing things on his own. And when you are doing things on your own, he will not text or call you constantly because he trusts you and feels secure in your relationship.

    When you find someone who makes you happy

    Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy

    1. They will appreciate what you do for them

    They will always appreciate the effort and time you give them even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on them or a lot of time to dedicate to them because of school or work. They will enjoy all the cute Facebook tags, texts and nightly phone calls. They won’t care much about presents because they simply enjoy the time they spend with you and that is enough for them, no matter how long it is.

    2. They will always have your back

    Even during bad times, they will always be there by your side to help you get through things. Your happiness means so much to them that they will do anything they can to cheer you up when you are facing problems, and you will never again have to face them alone. But they will also understand when you need some space and some time to deal with things yourself.

    3. They will always think you look great

    There are days when you don’t feel like putting on make-up, and your hair is messy, but they will still think that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. It doesn’t matter to them if your make-up isn’t perfect because you are perfect to them the way you are and you can feel comfortable around them even when you are in your sweatpants, with no make-up on, and with a messy bun because they are still going to think that you look amazing.

    4. They will understand that you have lives outside each other

    Even though you would both like to be together all the time, they will understand that both of you need some time away from each other, with your friends or family members. You both also have work or school, and they are never going to ask you to give up that time just to be together all the time.

    5. They will love doing the things you love

    They will want to do everything you love doing or try it if they have never done it before because they see how happy it makes you. Whether it’s going for a hike, watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite sport, they will love being a part of it because they love seeing how your face lights up when you are doing something you enjoy.

    6. They won’t give up when it gets tough

    Even when things between you are rough, they will stick by your side. They are ready to give up the fight when they see how mad you are getting, and they will choose to sit down and talk about it instead of pretending like the problem isn’t there. They will never let you go to bed angry.

    Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy

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