Being With Someone That Makes You Happy

being with someone that makes you happy
Written by Deborah Carbone

All of us have gone through bad relationships before. After having things like that happen to you repeatedly, you undoubtedly start thinking you will never find the one. But whether you believed it or not, a person right for you has finally arrived. Everything in that new relationship is a complete contradiction to what you knew before. You find yourself unable to process any of it. Being with someone that makes you happy comes with so many advantages you never thought you would get. What are those advantages, you may wonder?


    These are the things to expect from being with someone that makes you happy.

    Your partner is always there for you.

    Even when things are going bad. They will do their best to make you feel better and think of all the possible ways to make you laugh. They do it because your happiness matters to them. At the same time, they are aware you might need some alone time on your low days. They will not see it as you pushing them away and will be more than glad to provide it for you.

    Your partner understands you have separate lives out of that relationship.

    When you love a person, sometimes you would prefer to just be with them every minute of every day. But you had lives before you started that relationship. You had friends, family, and hobbies your partner might not have any interest in. Being in a relationship now should not stop you from making time for people that matter to you, nor should it be the reason to stop doing things you love. By being with someone that makes you happy, you finally have a person in your life who is aware of that, a person who shares that opinion and does not force you to subject all of your time to them.

    Your partner doesn’t give up on you when your relationship hits the bottom.

    Sometimes relationships can start to decline. Both of you might be in a rough patch. It causes you to be nervous and on edge which in turn results by starting random fights. You might hold grudges for a while, but when you are aware that what you have is a good thing and how much you care about the other, all those grudges dissipate. A partner that truly loves you won’t run at the first signs of incoming troubles. They will talk it out with you, try to get to the core of those issues that might be causing trouble. And they will go out of their way to help you come up with the solution that will make things better for the two of you.

    Your partner values what you do for them.

    They will not care about presents and grand gestures. Things they will value the most will be the time you find for them even when you are super busy with your duties. They will value sweet messages and little special dates you planned out just for the two of you. Every thoughtful little thing you do will be appreciated and returned. It is because they know that everything you do for them is done with love.

    You partner always loves how you look.

    Around them, you will not worry anymore about your makeup and hair always being perfect. They will not care. They chose you and, in their eyes, you are perfect even when you are in your sweatpants with no makeup and your hair up, getting cozy for your movie night in.

    Your partner is happy to do things you enjoy.

    They will be interested in your hobbies and things you love to do. Even if it is something they have not done before, they might ask you to show them how or take them with you. It can be anything, from doing sports, to painting with you, or watching your favorite movies together. It will not be hard or embarrassing for them. They will enjoy it because your enjoyment is theirs too, and they want to share that happiness with you. And that is what being with someone that makes you happy is all about.

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    Deborah Carbone

    I'm a Life and Relationship Coach with 5 years experience of coaching and training. I work with overwhelmed women guiding them through all kinds of life and career transitions so that they can make big changes in their lives.
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