When you decide to get into a relationship, you are committed to a person and you should take it seriously. It is not just enough to say that every day, but you have to prove your love in every possible way. If you are committed to someone, it means that you are not going to look anywhere else, because your eyes should stay on your person only. Also when you and your partner are loyal to each other, it means much more than having your private places alone. It is not the situation where you sleep at different places with different people. It doesn’t have to mean that you are the only person that is kissing his or her lips, or that you are the only one who has intimacy with your partner. Loyalty is way more than that.

If you are sure in your decision that you want to be honest and good partner in a relationship you entered, you should be considering the fact that you don’t need all those dating apps and profiles. You should also delete some of those contacts for one night stands that you were able to call before you got into a relationship. Though, if you are not sure what it means if you really don’t want to delete them, ask yourself if the relationship you decide to be in is real and what it means to you. Having a true, blessed relationship and to love someone means that you don’t need to go and be anywhere else in the world. There is no place you would rather be.

If you want to show yourself as a loyal one, you should be able to show all the people, including your friends and acquaintances, that you are in a relationship with a person that is the only one in the world that you are interested in. Give your best to assure people around you that you have someone and that you are unavailable for others.

Also, when you are committed to someone it means that you have to be very open and honest. It is very important to build a healthy and safe relationship. If you ever had an opportunity to cheat, you should be clear and open with your partner just like he should be reasonable and fine with you telling him that. If you are brave enough to admit to him that you had a chance, there is nothing he should be afraid of, and there is no reason to be suspicious. Mature conversations are willing to happen in any healthy relationship. You need to feel and be aware that your partner deserves the truth, no matter what it is like.

When you are guilty, you will say sorry. When you are sad, he is there for you. Neither of you value anyone’s story, except the one you tell to each other. Your partner can set any boundary, and it is you who has to respect that in order to have a good relationship. Open up to your partner and tell him what you need, but also try to make his wishes come true and do what he needs.

If you want to have friends of your own, you have to let your partner have friends, too. It’s fine that you have both male and female friends, and if you could make it function that way, be sure that you have very good connection—being honest and trustworthy is the most important thing. Being loyal is about making open conversations, where you aren’t afraid to say what you feel and what you think.

Even though if you don’t cheat your partner, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t committed to him. You need to know the difference between these two things. You don’t want your partner to suffer at any point. Yet, you are not loyal if you don’t open your heart to him.

It was you who decided to have a relationship and to love your partner. If you feel like you want your partner to be the priority in your life, now and always, then you are loyal. You don’t want to hurt or frighten your partner, ever. You want to stand for your relationship, because you find it as the most important thing. Being loyal is about love, but unconditional one.