Some of us may in our lifetime  struggle with a sexless relationship. One of the reasons for a breakup can be sex issues. So it may even be happening to you. You are giving your best to make relationship work, but something is wrong, something is missing, you are not having sex.

If you are wondering why your boyfriend lost interest in your sex life and why he is not having sex with you, there are possible some reasons:


  • He doesn’t find you attractive, but it is not your fault.

This can be really painful. He still loves you, but he doesn’t find you attractive anymore. Guys don’t know how to break it of,  so at the end they don’t want to have sex. This is possible, it can and does happen—this can be a reason why he is not having sex with you.


  • Low testosterone.

If your man has hormone problems, it is really bad because this can kill his sex drive. Your partner is not interested in having sex. Maybe you should get him to a doctor. This is not that scary because men can have hormone problems as bad as women can. So it is not big deal. A doctor will find out what is going on with your man and why he is not having sex with you.


  • Maybe you did something wrong that made him resent you.

Maybe your man lost interest in sex with you because you did something wrong, so that made him resent you. If resentment is there in your relationship, that can be a real problem.


  • Antidepressants and other medication can cause a hormone problems.

This situation is fixable, a doctor can fix this problem. If your man is using antidepressants, they can cause sex drives to dip. But don’t worry, one trip to a doctor and this problem can be fixed.

  • There is a third person in your relationship.

If your partner doesn’t want to have sex with you, that can be a sign that there is a third person in your relationship. If he got enough sex with someone else, probably he doesn’t want to have sex with you. Actually, maybe your man is cheating.


  • He is not into you anymore because you let yourself go.

No matter that you are in relationship, that you are already taken, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work on yourself. You have to work on yourself if you want to keep the spark between you and your partner alive. Everyone else would lose attraction if their partner was a slob.


  • Maybe he is asexual.

Maybe your man is actually asexual—he can be into you, but not sexully. If your man is asexual, there is nothing that you can do or say to get him in the mood, no matter how good you are looking.


  • He never was into you, he just wanted to use you.

This is not your fault. Maybe you fell for him really hard, and you were blind. Maybe he never was into you, and he just wanted to play with you and use you. This happens very often. So this can be a reason to leave your partner—you don’t need that kind of relationship.


  • Your partner is too tired because of stress, job, or something else.

Sometimes this can be just an excuse not to have sex, but it also can be a real reason. If your partner works extremely long, he can be just too tired to have sex.


  • Maybe he is depressed.

Maybe your man is depressed, and it can be a strong reason why he doesn’t want to have sex with you and why he lost interest in sex. He just can’t be focused on sex, and for him it is really hard to get excited about sex.


  • He just wants to hurt you so he refuses to have sex with you.

Maybe your man is an asshole. On purpose he refuses to have sex with you because he knows that it will hurt your feelings. Yes, those people exist. You don’t need a man who is acting like this, leave him.


  • Maybe he has low confidence in the bedroom.

This can be true. Maybe your man is just worried that he can’t actually satisfy you. Maybe you should talk with your man—you can fix this together.


  • He uses sex like a weapon or a negotiating tool for him.

This is manipulative, abusive behavior, and you don’t need man who is acting like this in your life.