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My Heart Has To Be Earned

Written by Naida

If you ever want to earn my heart, you should be capable for that. My heart is my own, and if you really want to go inside, you should free my field so I can figure out if I want to let you in. It is not easy to give someone every single piece of your heart. I need to know you very well, if I decide to give you all of my tiny heart bits.

Speaking about heart function, there is no stronger muscle than the heart. The heart is exposed nowadays to fast living lives which include everyday stress and force. Our heart is responsible for guiding us through every physical exertion. Then, there is this question. How is it possible that the heart can fight against the strongest efforts, but when it comes to emotions, somehow it is very vulnerable? It always ends up getting hurt and no one knows why it is so brittle.

We are all different. There are many people who don’t actually think through what they are going to say and whether those words will hurt anyone. We are very thoughtless when it’s about someone’s emotions. Our gestures can hurt others on a daily basis. We act without thinking of consequences. Well, my heart doesn’t want to be hurt. It is not a part of any game which people like to play. My emotions and my love are not things I want to play with. Love cannot be treated as a game, so the heart can never be a simple thing.

As we mentioned, the heart is very vulnerable when it is about emotions, even though it is very strong during maintenance of vital functions. People treat others with disrespect, and the heart reacts on it. It becomes more damaged with every day that passes. Try not to play with someone’s heart, because it is not your toy. Find something else to play with besides the poor and innocent heart. Don’t disrespect the person or her emotions.

I am the owner of my heart, and I consider it as the most valuable facet of my body and personality. I also consider my heart a great and honest one, so I am proud. Whenever I find someone in a difficult situation, I want to help with all my heart. I am generous, sensitive, and I can understand how other people feel. It’s all because of my heart. It only matters that it is mine.

If I am not the one who can accept you, you don’t have right to hurt me or my heart for it. You can’t play with my heart. If you want to hold it, I can feel and let you. But if I see that you want to hold it for a while and then when you don’t need it anymore you abandon it, be sure that I won’t let you. If there is just a little respect for me, then there needs to be a little more for my heart. It is a reflection of who I am. No one is an asset. There is no such thing like winning a person. My heart beats strong, and I am a person who is not for grab games.

If you are patient and if you let me think of letting you inside of my heart, you would be happy, I guarantee. Try not to rush me with making my decisions, because everything I ever do is approved with my heart. I will let my heart decide when I have to make decisions about you. You may be very good person, but don’t take it personally because I want to make sure that you are who you are and that you don’t tend to hurt me. So, I opened my heart suddenly, suspiciously, but I had to try. It turned out that you were the one I would never have let inside of my heart. I didn’t allow you to take all of my heart, but you did. After playing with it you simply left it. I was very wrong in judgment.

Since I have very strong emotions and a very honest heart, I don’t understand how you could break it. Why do people treat others in this way? I will never know that. There is a thing I want you to know. You break it, but somehow it still beats. It’s because you can’t decrease and destroy all those emotions. I am the owner of a heart that is strong and that can take some blows.

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