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Wait for Someone Who Actually Gives a Shit about You

Written by Karen Clark

You probably had your share of wrong guys and wrong relationships. You were involved with guys who didn’t treat you as they should and who didn’t care enough. But you always gave your best to everyone, but never got anything in return. These guys were toxic, destroyed your self-esteem and killed all hope for love. Some of them lied to you, some maybe cheated, some were not ready for a committed relationship—the bottom line is, not one has given you what you deserved. After them, you feel depressed, emotionally damaged, and hopeless.

You think that true love will never come, that the right guy will never show up. You probably started blaming yourself. And you feel responsible and guilty because you think it must have been your fault if you keep running to bad and wrong guys.

You are also scared of being alone. People are generally terrified of being alone and connect it with being lonely. But, the two don’t have to collide. Being alone is way better than being in an unhealthy and emotionally damaging relationship. You don’t have the need to stress out about being single, because being alone can be both bad and good, and it depends on how you make it. Don’t be afraid to be without a boyfriend, until the right guy comes along.

Wait for the one, it will be worth it, trust me! Wait for the guy who is interested in everything you have to say, who is interested in how you spent your day, who is interested in your fears and desires, in your past and future, who is interested in you as a person. And wait for the guy who truly listens to you. This guy will not be only interested in your physical appearance, he will want to know everything about you.

Wait for the guy who will love you for who you are, who will put you first. The right guy will never be self-centered, he will care about your needs and opinions.

He will never use you to boost his ego, he will never allow you to question whether he loves you or not. He will say it, and most importantly, he will constantly show his love towards you. The right guy will never send you mixed signals and he won’t play mind games with you. You will always be secure when it comes to him, because he will always find ways to assure you he is there for you and that he cares.

Don’t wait for the guy who will give you butterflies. Wait for the one who will make you feel calm and safe.

Wait for someone who won’t make excuses for not spending time with you. Instead, the right guy will enjoy spending his time with you. Wait for the guy who won’t be just your lover, but also your friend. This guy will always understand you, stand up for you, and will always believe in you, even when you don’t. He will care about your well-being and will always push you forward. Wait for the guy who wants to improve, in order to be a better person for you. Wait for the guy who will treat you like a priority and not like an option.

This guy will call and text you all the time, not just on the weekends when he is drunk or in late hours. Instead of lowering your self-esteem, when a guy truly cares about you, he will make you feel good in your own skin and will fight your insecurities. While all the other guys try to make you feel unwanted, the right guy will make you feel like the most beautiful and desired woman on Earth.

Until you find this guy, be alone. You probably think that all of these qualities are impossible to find in just one man. Even if such a man exists, you think you will never find him. But, trust me, he is out there. Work on yourself, be positive and optimistic, and don’t let anyone hold you down and he will come along. Although waiting can seem exhausting and tiring sometimes, you will thank yourself that you didn’t waste your time on the wrong people.

Wait for Someone Who Actually Gives a Shit about You