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To The Girl Who Is Dating An Overthinker


Being an overthinker means both benediction and overwhelming. An overthinker is someone who finds it difficult to make simple decisions. He needs to find meaning in all things that are happening to him daily. Most of them have trouble sleeping. No one is able to help those people; they will continuously struggle with overthinking, no matter what we try.

If you are connected with an overthinker, there are some things you should know.

– You need to say specifically what you mean, if you are texting.

Overthinkers already have many things to think about, so complicated messages from you would only make them more nervous. They are not game players. Especially not those who play text games. So, consider telling them specifically what you want or mean.

– Try to find some nice places to go to, or restaurants to eat.

If you don’t do it this way, you might end up on the street walking and walking thirsty and hungry. Since overthinkers have pros and cons for everything, it would be better not to give them options. Choose a place on your own.

– Thinking is not about jealousy or controlling.

Send your partner an occasional message, and try to text him back as soon as possible. He might have imagined that you are dead or another terrifying scenario. You don’t want to know what they are capable to think about.

– Small talks are not their favorite.

Considering that they are overthinkers, you should find some place which is authentic, so you will not have to sit across each other and interview. They think of that as an awkward conversation. So, try to relax your partner and have a normal talk.

– When they say sorry, they mean it.

Their apology is, let’s say, a little bit more honest than an apology of other people. If your partner says sorry to you, be aware that he really means it and that he has gone over every detail, many times. They know how much they agitate you, and they could not easily forget it.

– They love to be involved in solving problems.

If you struggle with anything, be sure that your partner who is an overthinker will be able to help you solving any situation.

– They have a soft core inside.

It’s maybe because they are so self-analyzing. They always play cool.

– Details, details, details.

You will get a lot of them. All kinds of screenshots and picturesque details. It means that your opinion is important for them, and they value it. It also means that they trust you with sharing things they find important or interesting.

– They don’t give up on things.

They are constantly trying to change a situation by figuring out many different options of solving it. And they believe if they do it, they will be able to change it. On the other hand, they are those people who remember everything. You don’t even want to try to fool them. They would figure it out the moment you try. They find it very easy to find out the truth. Just try to remember the fact that they are always thinking about something. They have hours and hours of constant thinking.

– They love special moments.

Really, they find so much pleasure in moments. They are always in something, so a person who is able to stimulate them to stop just for a minute, is someone who they appreciate the most. They become attached to you.

So being with overthinker has many advantages. As we mentioned above, if you have any problem, he is able to help you solve it. You need to be a little bit more compassionate and be specific.

To The Girl Who Is Dating An Overthinker