First dates are always an emotional roller coaster. Although you are probably excited and feel butterflies, first dates are usually awkward as well.  You are meeting someone for the first time and you are obviously nervous. But, at the same time, you want to make the best possible impression, which is close to impossible when you are this excited. Everybody will advise you to be positive, be yourself, and tell you that everything will work out just fine. There is nothing wrong with that, but nobody tells you how to actually achieve that. Here are some useful tips for a first date.

Imagine you are with someone you know

The best way to be your true self is if you don’t perceive the person next to you as someone you need to impress. Try telling yourself that you are going out for a coffee with an old acquaintance.  In that way, you will be more relaxed and the stress will disappear.

How to dress?

You never know where the night will take you. You shouldn’t be overdressed nor underdressed. Although you’ve probably spent your entire day thinking about your outfit, don’t let him notice that. That will only mean that you are trying too hard. But, don’t be underdressed neither. That will only show him that this date means nothing for you. Find the middle path.

Be on time

It’s important not to be late on the first date. If you take longer to get dressed and put your make-up on, start getting ready early. Some women think that they will be more interesting for a guy if they let him wait, but don’t do that. You will only appear irresponsible. Don’t be too early either. You will make a better impression if you show right up on time.

Don’t talk only about yourself

Of course, this guy wants to know more about you, but don’t reveal everything on a first date. You have to save a little mystery for the second date to happen. Besides, you will appear self-centred if you only talk about yourself. It’s especially important not to brag about your accomplishments or money. It’s impolite and unnecessary. Instead, be interested in your date. Speak less and listen more. In this way, you’ll have a chance to get to know him better and decide whether you want to continue seeing this guy.

Don’t drink too much

It’s okay to have a few drinks to loosen the mood and to be more relaxed, but try not to exaggerate. You won’t be more fun and interesting if you drink too much. If you get drunk, you could easily embarrass yourself and appear as immature.

Put your phone away

It’s very rude to text and make constant phone calls while you are on a date. I know it’s the modern era when you don’t spend a minute without constantly checking your phone, but there is nothing more rude than ignoring your date who is trying to make a conversation while you are staring at your phone. It’s okay if you pick up your phone if something is urgent, but don’t post any updates on your social media while you are on your date—everything can wait.

Offer to pay

Your date will probably insist that he pays for the check, but at least offer to split the bill. You want equality in every life segment, so why not be equal when it comes to money as well? But, when you offer to split the bill, be ready to actually do it!

Don’t be rude to the wait-staff

This is a matter of manners, no matter if you are on the first or on the tenth date, but it needs to be repeated. Try to be polite, not just to your date, but to the wait-staff as well. The way you behave to the people who are serving you tells a lot about you. If you have some complaints, try to tell them nicely.

Don’t stalk him after the date

If you had a nice evening, you can send a goodnight text or tell him you had a nice time. But, that is enough. Let him initiate the next date!