Love is an inexplicable powerful feeling that feeds the lovers. It nourishes your soul, your mind, your body, and in a wonderful way feeds your heart. When your heart is full of love, there is nothing you can’t do. When your heart, on the other hand, is deprived of love, you become love-starved.

If a girl is in love, there is a few things she wants you to know.

She loves you and she would do anything for you but do not take her for granted. Appreciate and value her love for its fair value. Don’t make her beg for your attention and as she makes you her top priority—be sure to make her yours as well.

There is nothing that she won’t forgive, even if it doesn’t make sense to you or to others. She will forgive you, so don’t hurt her with your indifference. She’s starving for every little sign of affection. Ask yourself does she really deserve to wait for it? No one will wait forever.

Nobody is expecting you to be with her all the time or text her every second, but do you really need to be a jerk and ignore her? They say you only start to appreciate things after losing them. Pure love is rare and when you don’t value this present you will at some point lose it.

Be there for her, not only physically but emotionally, too. Make her feel needed, be a good listener, most of all be her best friend. Prove to her that you need her as much as she needs you.

Don’t tell her “I love you” every five minutes, instead show her how much you love her. Love is like a plant, the more you feed it the more it grows.

When you ignore girls, they have a tendency to become impatient, oversensitive, grouchy, and very irritable. The only reason she is behaving like this is because you didn’t pay enough attention to her needs and she unfortunately is trying to get your attention in the wrong way. Only you can change this situation and in a very easy way.

Give her the chance to blow your mind and show you how much she is the right girl for you. Don’t ruin this pure love with some stupids lies, tell her the truth and she will surprise you of how compassionate she is. Don’t hide your emotions and be a complete selfish jackass by keeping them to yourself. Hand your heart to her and you will be filled. You have to give to receive.

Her love to you is like a blessing from the sky, it is so pure and magical that not giving some back would be a sin. Her devotion, her investment, all the little signs of affection she gives you are more than enough for you to know what kind of girl she is.

Nowadays it is very hard to find the woman who loves you for who you are—don’t be an idiot by throwing it away. She is devoted to you, imagine all the things she would do for your happiness if you only give it a chance. Not every women is capable of loving you indefinitely like this.

By showing your love, you will get not only a girlfriend, you will get a best friend. A person who will defend you (even when you don’t deserve it), a person who will listen to you when no one else will, a person who will show up in the middle of the night if you need a hug, a person who will only sit with you, look at the stars and hold your hand… Because sometimes that is exactly what you need.

And the only thing you did was showing her attention.