When people allow themselves to always settle for less than what they wish for, they become the main culprit for their dissatisfaction. Our lives are a blank canvas. We are the ones who decide what colors go on it. We are the ones who get to say which people are good for us and which should not be in our lives. The moment you start bringing resolutions that will lead you where you want to be, you will feel better about whatever comes next. You are aware by now how short life is, so to get the best of it, don’t let yourself simply slip by. If you feel good about yourself, it is less likely you will accept being treated poorly. And you shouldn’t. You should never settle for less than you deserve.

Mistreatment can come from anyone around you, be it a partner, member of your family or people you surround yourself with. The important thing is to not let yourself fall in the trap that is trying to rationalize others’ behavior. If you are always on edge and under constant pressure in your relationships with people in your life, making excuses for them can’t bring anything good. You need to raise your voice and tell them they are hurting you. If they are dismissive towards your words, they refuse to hear you, and don’t show any interest in fixing the damage they cause, they do not deserve you. You might catch yourself trying to excuse them once again. But what you really need is to realize that by doing that, you’re settling for less. And settling can only make you regret all of your life’s decisions.

Sometimes, life is not fair. Bad things happen to undeserving people. But you should always remember that those hardships are not some sort of personal damnation. Believing that they are, you convince yourself that your life is not under your control. That no matter what you do, defeat is inevitable and it won’t get any better. And that is how you fall at risk of settling. That is why, before embarking on a new journey towards happiness, the right thing to do would be to always put resentment from past failures behind you. Turn that page, because it is important to never settle for less than you deserve.

One other important thing to bear in mind is that being alone is not the same as being rejected. Instead of falling into a vicious cycle of self-condemnation and thinking there is something wrong with you, learn how to be enough for yourself. Learn to enjoy your loneliness, rather than to fall victim to mediocre lovers and bad friends, just to avoid being on your own. The only thing that can come from settling for mediocre is missing the real deal when it knocks on your door.

One of the things to avoid, if you want to never settle for less than you deserve, is saying yes when you really mean no. Accepting things that are far from what you wish for yourself means living a life that will never match with who you are as a person. So be careful with what you agree to. Always ask yourself first, ”Is this what I want?” if you want to avoid settling for an unsatisfying existence.

After getting that out of the way, last thing to do is to make sure you are very vocal about things you DO want. Say it out loud and say it often. If you do not make it known and clear to yourself, and to others, don’t be surprised if it never comes your way.

Now, I am aware some people will settle because it seems like an easier way than to fight all of your life for things you believe are rightfully yours. Believe me, it is not. Settling is heartbreaking, tiring and mentally exhausting. It is everything but easier! So get ready to chase that happiness and always remember to never settle for less than you deserve.