Is My Boyfriend A Psychopath?

Written by Chloe M.

We all have our moments of craziness sometimes, but a repeat behavior that is affecting your relationship could have you asking the question: is my boyfriend a psychopath? He’s acting a little off, and you’re not really sure whether this erratic behavior could be indicative of something worse.

Is my boyfriend a psychopath? Signs that point to yes:

They completely lack empathy

They have no interest in anyone’s emotions, or how their actions affect others. Some people are just selfish, but when they’re neglecting their girlfriend’s needs as well, it proves that they’re just not in a stable mindset.

They’re irresponsible and overly reckless

They don’t believe in consequence to their actions. They’ll do things impulsively without thinking, and don’t mind what happens in response to those actions. They don’t believe they should be blamed for anything, even when they’ve caused someone pain.

They don’t care what happens next

The future doesn’t matter to them. They could die doing something tomorrow, and they wouldn’t care. And they never focus on the future, and they live in the moment no matter what.

They are insincere, just to keep you happy

When they do something bad, they claim to be sorry because they know it’ll keep you quiet. They never mean it when they apologise, and they don’t ever make any changes to their behavior. And they keep making the same bad decisions, believing they can get away with it.

They are confident to the point of stupidity

They have a God complex, and they think they’re untouchable. And they do things just for the thrill of it, and its often things that could land them in danger or trouble. Since they don’t really care about the outcome, they have no fear rushing into a crazy situation.

They’re selfish

It’s as simple as that. They only ever have their own interests in mind. The chances are, you’re a selfish desire they have, something that they indulge in because they know how much you’re worth. When this is the case, it’s important to know that you’re worth more than them and their self-indulgent behavior.

They resort to violence to solve their problems

They may be physically violent, or they make resort to being aggressive towards you to assert their dominance. When they get in trouble, they use their fists to fight their way out. Trouble is their middle name, and if you’re asking ‘is my boyfriend a psychopath?’ then this is the biggest sign that they are.

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