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Here’s The Difference Between Giving Up on Love and Letting Go

giving up on love and letting go
Written by Karen Clark

We all want love and strive for it. But, love can be difficult sometimes. Love and relationships need time, effort, and energy. It’s not only butterflies and romance. Sometimes, love feels like a war battlefield and it includes tears, suffering, and emotional pain. Many people are not ready to deal with these side effects of love. Every human being has the natural instinct to avoid every type of pain, whether it’s physical or emotional.

That is why some people decide to give up on love and relationships in general. If you gave up on love, you have probably been hurt more than once. Every man in your life damaged you emotionally and only used you. You have lost trust in people and in love. Now, you have decided to shut yourself off and you have built a brick wall around yourself. This is the only way you feel secure. You have backed away from any possibility of love and convinced yourself that true love doesn’t exist. You have embraced the life and loneliness and consequently gave up of any hope that true love exists and that will ever happen to you.

So, you settled for a numb life without any emotions. You thought that this is the only possible path for you. You think if you do not expose yourself to love, you are not exposing yourself to the possibility of being hurt. But, think again! You are also depriving yourself from the possibility of being loved and happy.  And you are missing out on a lot.

You are actually only emotionally dying and fading away. Sooner or later, you will have to admit to yourself that you can’t live without love. Even if you think you don’t need love, your heart thinks differently. It needs affection, passion, and attention, it craves for love, whether you like it or not. Your body and mind ask for another body and another person. You are not living your life to the fullest without love, you are only surviving. In order to live your life to the fullest, you need love.

Letting go is something totally different. Many people connect letting go with giving up, resigning and losing someone. But, letting go is nowhere near that. You let someone go consciously because you realized that person is not worth it. You may think that letting go is cowardly, but sometimes it’s the bravest thing you could do. But you are choosing yourself over that someone. And it’s okay to do so.

You should be your own priority and number one. You have given yourself emotionally for this person for a very long time, but now you have realized it’s time to let go. Being in a toxic and emotionally damaging relationship is hard, but leaving and letting go is way harder. You shouldn’t hold on to someone or something that is bringing you down.

When it comes to letting go, the most important thing is to forgive. You have to forgive that person for hurting you. Don’t take it personally, there are some people who are toxic for everyone in their surroundings. You also have to forgive yourself. You are maybe blaming yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt by that person for so long. Your self-esteem is probably lowered and you feel guilty for what happened. But, it was not your fault, always remember that. If you keep thinking about the past, you will never be able to move forward.

You must force yourself to look towards the future and not let the past haunt you. Resentment will only make you a more bitter person. When you let go of someone completely, you are allowing yourself to be opened to new opportunities and people in life.

Although you may think that you will never find your soulmate or be happy, true love will come. It’s important not to give up ever because giving up means you are allowing fear to kill all the hope you have and to limit your opportunities. When you give up on love, you cage yourself. In contrary, when you let go, you are freeing yourself and allowing yourself to grow in every sense.

Here’s The Difference Between Giving Up on Love and Letting Go