We are often occupied with the things that we can hardly ever let go. Everyone is trying to hold onto it. You keep spinning in a circle day after day, holding onto something and it is kind of boring, but you don’t want to let it go. It could last for a very long time. You become weak and as days pass, you feel like that condition of holding onto something continuously makes you paralyzed. You feel like you are trapped in thinking what could have been.

We try to find any advice that could possibly help us, yet we end with the things that we are used to; we let them go and push forward. Perhaps you are the same as every person who struggles with letting things go. You know that you have some dose of resistance any time you need to move on. You try not to let it go but hold it until the moment of knowing that you are right. Only when the situation solves itself in the way you imagine it, you will let it go.

Now you are not sure. You want different advice than the one where people keep telling you to let the things or toxic people go. It’s an alternative that you need. Someone is trying to convince you that letting someone or something go means that you need to live the rest of your life without those people or things you care about. The truth is, while you are reading this, try to figure out if they have moved on. It is both—things and people. Actually, their whole life moved on. So are you. Be aware that you did survive it. You thought that you wouldn’t function, yet you are. You should realize that life will not give you time or space to compensate it.

Many people would say that the more you are trying to hold something, the more you actually are pushing it away. You wanted to hold something or someone, but it won’t come back. What happened is in past, so try to realize that you cannot return time but only move forward. Let the life take you and see if you are meant to be with someone or meant to do that thing. Usually we disappoint ourselves while trying to make things go as we planned.

Letting things or people go doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not good. We often surprise ourselves with the things which come to us instead of those we used to hold onto. Think for a moment and surly you will find your own example of how letting go of something or someone went well at the end. If you somehow return to the point where you left things or people, you should have learned something perhaps. The way that you passed was long and useful. In the hardest paths and situations, in any kind of a depression or anxiety, in any decision we thought was right to make, eventually we end fine. More than that, we are richer for the experience.

Don’t think of life as a tough journey. There are many valuable and good things in life; it only depends on how you look at it. There are many problems also, but we are able to solve them, and we are those who choose the easier or harder way. Listen to your heart and be thoughtful when you choose what is good or bad for you. Try to choose people and things which won’t make you have to change for them but they will love you for who you are. Your life will be exactly the way you want it to be.