5 Things To Know Before Dating A Broken Man

dating a broken man
Written by Chloe M.

Dating anyone with a broken heart can be difficult. When you’re dating a broken man, you have to consider his past and why he’s the way he is. It’s all part of being in a relationship – learning to give them time to share the person they used to be to you. You weren’t a part of their past, but you’re their future, so you need to try and tend to their needs and find ways to be a good partner to them, no matter how hard it is.


    If there are underlying issues, you as his girlfriend or boyfriend should be there to provide moral support. If you don’t want to help, it could be time to leave this relationship, but if you do, you just need to find ways to muddle through the hard times. Here are some things you need to know about dating a broken man who seems hurt beyond repair.

    Dating a broken man isn’t a chore

    Don’t treat someone who is wounded as a burden. Dating a broken man is like dating someone normally – you should treat them with utmost respect, sensitivity and care. They are emotionally damaged, but most people will feel that way at some point. They may need a little more tenderness than anyone else, but that comes with just being sensitive to their past. Your relationship depends on how you choose to try and move on, and how well you find ways to tend to his needs.

    Don’t probe about what happened to them – let them tell you themselves

    If they’ve got a dark past, sometimes they’re not ready to tell everyone about it. Let your partner know that you are there to lend an ear whenever they’re ready, but don’t pressure them into talking. When someone is emotionally damaged, only they know when the time is right to let their feelings out. They will open up when they’re ready, and you’ll be the first person they go to when it’s the right time. Until then, just focus on keeping your relationship afloat. Also try and keep him in good spirits, no matter how hard it is.

    Remind them what it’s like to be happy

    There was a time that things were going great for your partner. Now, you’re dating a broken man, and it’s hard to imagine what it might be like for him. The only way to help him is to help him put his life back together, and make him feel how he wants to, not how he’s forced to. Make him laugh and smile every day. Let go of the little things and just dwell on things that matter. He’ll begin to see that his new life with you can’t compare to his old one – because it’s better. People change all the time, and as soon as he realises he wants to feel good again, he will open up to share his life with a new person – you.

    If the man you’re dating was broken by a relationship, show him you’re different

    It’s not enough sometimes to tell someone that you’re going to be there for them through thick and thin. Words mean nothing until you act on them. Your boyfriend wants – and needs – to see that you’re going to be the person to save him. He needs to see that you will be the one who doesn’t break his heart and handles him with tenderness and love. Just show your man that you want to care for him, and pick him up when he’s at his worst.

    If the man you’re dating was broken by something else, take time to understand him.

    If he’s dealing with a loss or death, find a way to help him through the grieving process. If he’s dealing with mental health problems, do your research and figure out what steps you can take to ease his suffering. If he’s been hurt emotionally, patch over his heart and work through it together. Dating a broken man means finding the strength to carry him through when he lacks strength himself.

    One of the main things to take from this is that no matter the situation, a broken man is looking for someone who makes him feel better. He may be closed off from the world, unwilling to let new people in, but if you’re willing to take the time to show him he can feel good again, then he will take you in. While a broken man may be more difficult to date, he will also be more sensitive to your emotions, and there will be mutual trust and happiness built between you over time. Dating a broken man is as rewarding as it is hard, and you should never give in just because it may seem difficult.

    5 things to know before dating a broken man

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