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5 Signs That Prove That He Is Not The One


Every girl in her lifetime will have a man that she thought was the one but turned out to be a big mistake. Before getting into a serious relationship with a “mistake man,” there are a few signs that prove that he is not the one. You should not ignore those signs and that could help you make the right decision.

  • You are the only one who sees his qualities

All of your friends can see that he is not good for you, he is hurting you, he is not behaving well and sometimes he is even violent. However, you are the only one who sees a kind man in him, thinking he might be a good person when he is not having a bad day and that he might give you love and attention when everything is fine between the two of you. If you need to plead his case to your close loved ones, know that it is an alarming sign. If he is right for you, everyone should be able to see it by themselves and not need to be convinced by your happy photos on social media without forgetting all of the usual happy hashtags #happy #inlove #hesamazing that all your friends know are not entirely true.

  • You are hoping to change him and make him a good man

We will never repeat this enough—the only person that can change a man is himself by taking this decision alone, and trust it’s not going to happen in the next minutes. Actually, it will probably take quite some time. Besides that there is no hope for you men! You can’t turn your bad boy into a good samaritan or your Don Juan into a faithful and devoted lover. But you are hoping for a miracle that will not happen—it is time to let go and think about yourself.

  • You are apologizing for him

“Yes, he did that, BUT he loves me,” or this one is better, “He cheated, BUT it is my fault, I told him it was over that day.” Apologizing for your man is clearly showing you that there is a problem in your relationship. You are making excuses for him because you need to be love, but the only thing you really need is taking care of yourself and to start to love yourself.

  • He doesn’t have any future plans

He told you he doesn’t want to get married and that you will discuss the “kids” subject later. You once again thought he would grow up and change. A man who is not able to tell you where he would like to be with you in the two, five, or ten years to come is just a guy who wants to have some fun. Telling yourself it doesn’t bother you knowing deep down you do want to get married and you do want to have kids is pointless.

  • Your relationship didn’t start in the good way

The man already has a girlfriend and is sitting on two chairs for months before “supposedly” choosing you. At the very beginning you were already crying because you saw him getting some suspicious text messages. He cheated on you in the first three months of your relationship because “he wasn’t sure about his feelings for you.” If you can identify yourself in those sentences, please run as far as you can from this kind of man! The beginning of a relationship can say a lot about the rest of it. The first dates take place in the back seat of the car. Don’t you think you deserve better?

Because some girls aren’t aware of their value, a lot of them like to think that without the presence of a dominating and manipulating man in their entourage they are not going to make it. The fear of being alone is not a good reason to stay with such men. With saying a lot of “he loves me,” they have the tendency of forgetting to ask themselves “does he really love me?” and “what does he do to prove it to me?”

5 Signs That Prove That He Is Not The One