It can often be hard to understand why a person acts the way they do. Our genders often have a huge influence on the way we act too, and there’s a lot of confusion between boys and girls as to why they act how they do. Women are labelled one way, and men another. It is a stereotype that can often be wrong, but one of the most common questions men ask is why are girls so emotional? As the gender that generally keeps to themselves, men find it hard to understand the way a woman works, and there’s plenty else they don’t know as well.

We all have questions for one another. It is always interesting to get some insight into the heads of the other gender, especially on topics where we differ massively. Women often question the player men who mess girls around for fun. Men often ask why women are so obsessed with make-up. Women constantly want to know why men use them for sex. Men want to know why women play so hard to get. It is a vicious circle of no one understanding each other or why people do the things they do.

But there is an answer to each of these questions if you’re willing to look a little deeper. Every man and woman in the world conforms to their gender norms in some way, whether consciously or unconsciously, so there are some reasons for every behaviour that stare us directly in the face each and every day. In this case, the question at hand is why are girls so emotional? There are several reasons for this behaviour that can be discovered if you’re willing to look deep enough. Here are some of the explanations to why are girls so emotional?

Women are in touch with their own emotions

The main difference between a man and a woman is not what is between their legs. It is the way they handle their emotional side. You may wonder, why are girls so emotional? But no one asks why men are so unemotional. The key to understanding and knowing the answer to this question is understanding gender roles.

A woman is never afraid to express how she might be feeling. When you ask why are girls so emotional, what you’re really asking is why they reveal their emotions so freely. Our culture condemns a man who reveals his feelings, but women are known for being better at coping with their emotions. They don’t fear judgement from their peers if they cry, so there’s no need for them to hold back.

This is all down to gender roles. We are taught to conform and be like everyone else, which is why girls are so emotional while men tend to hold back. There’s a stereotype that gay men are more emotional than those who are straight, so perhaps it is true. Maybe gay men are more comfortable in their masculinity and are able to express themselves more. So in this case the question is not why are girls so emotional. It is why are men so scared to be emotional themselves?

Women are happy to talk about their issues

A problem shared is a problem halved. Many people find that opening up about something is the best way to solve a problem and move on. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done, especially if you are a guy. Why are girls so emotional? Because they allow their problems to have an active role in their lives. By doing this, they’re not making themselves miserable – they are tackling a problem head on, solving it and moving on before it is too late for them. That’s why they are often emotional, but better off than any closed off man is.

A woman is never afraid to tell her friends about an issue she’s having. While men go out with the lads and talk about sex and sport, females create a support system to hold up the friends they care about. Female friends are a strong bond, and they often feel the emotions their friends are going through too. All too often, one girl crying sets another off. This is because women aren’t afraid to feel. Women are no more emotional than men, but the way they deal with it is completely different. This outlet of emotion leaves no residue, while pain and upset cling to the walls of every man’s heart. That’s why men often have an outburst when things get too much for them. It is not uncommon for men to get angry and violent when they have problems they can’t handle, and if they had just had someone to talk to like women do, they wouldn’t be so pent up and upset.

Why are girls so emotional, when men hold everything back?

Again, the issue lies in the way our society works. Men are often insulted for admitting to emotion, and so they opt instead to hide the way that they’re feeling. When they have an issue, they tend to bottle it up rather than sharing it, meaning there’s underlying problems that no one can see. Men are much better at hiding it too. When a woman is upset or angry, it is usually painfully obvious – something the entire gender is usually teased for. But it is much worse to be the opposite – a man who can’t outlet his own feelings. It is an unhealthy way to be, and women who are emotional understand that this isn’t the way to go. Thus, they share their feelings at any time necessary and appropriate.

  1. Women carry other people’s problems on their shoulders

Women often experience a higher level of emotional pressure, because a woman is a good confidant. Girls will often talk about having taken on a lot emotionally, and it is usually when their friends are suffering from a break up or a trauma. Women can’t seem to help, but overload themselves with issues, feeling the need to support every person they care about. It is their motherly nature kicking in, causing them to be the support figure the people around her need. Men, on the other hand, can’t even support their own issues, let alone a plethora of other people’s.

Of course, nothing is completely universal. Men do have to confide in someone sometimes, otherwise they would all be overwhelmed by the issues crushing them. When men do express their issues, it is often to a woman they trust, such as a mother or partner. They don’t feel they can talk to their male friends in case they’re laughed at or ignored. It is much easier for a man to turn to a woman for her help, and women will never turn down a man or a woman in pain.

For this reason, girls become accustomed to taking on other people’s issues as well as their own. It is no wonder they appear more emotional, when they’re bearing the brunt of everyone else’s issues too. Why are girls so emotional, you ask? Because they’re harbouring the troubles of the world in one place. It is actually more surprising that more women haven’t collapsed under the weight, but of course, years of practise helps them build more resistance.

Women are not more emotional – they’re just more in touch with their emotional side

When it comes down to it, women are brought up to be more emotionally intelligent. It is just how it goes every time. Men are taught by their peers that they always have to remain strong. Women are told that it is okay for them to be hurt, or scared, or sad. They are taught to be emotionally tough by being emotionally vulnerable. The common misconception is that it is a weakness to be able to express yourself and have an outlet through tears or sharing an issue. In actual fact, it is the opposite. The most emotionally stable people are able to cry when they need to, or talk through their issues, or remain emotionally aware at all times. Why are girls so emotional? It is a smart evolutionary survival technique. It gets us sympathy and help. It rids us of negative feelings. It means we often hurt for a while and then come out the other side stronger than the men we leave behind.

A woman always knows how to deal with an emotional situation. They are in touch with their heart as well as their head, and they make wise decisions when they take both into account. They learn from their mistakes and allow themselves to grieve over the things they lost through bad decisions. In other words, women feel everything they need to feel. They feel it because they know they have to suffer the pain to reach the happy times. Meanwhile, men suffer in silence, waiting for their hearts to heal themselves when they’re broken beyond repair.

Men could learn a thing or two about the way women handle themselves, because let’s be honest – being emotional is more positive than being emotionally devoid. Women have always been the best at handling matters of the heart, and some day, our society will learnt that being a drama queen to handle emotions is better than not feeling at all. One day, self-righteous people will stop abusing women for understanding themselves and men that try to express themselves better. One day, people will understand that it is better to emotional, and they will stop asking why are girls so emotional all of the time. Instead, they will understand that it is because they use their common sense.