When Necessary A Good Woman Still Knows How To Be A B*tch

Written by Naida

Are you one of those girls who always gives up something in order for someone else to have it? Do you leave the last piece of cake for someone, even if you never tasted any? That’s very wrong. You don’t need to be that pretty and kind girl and share things with everyone until you run out of them.

You consider yourself to be a nice girl. And you were always typical nice, silent, and guiltless young girl who never argued in class in order to keep calm and not disrupt anyone. It’s because you needed everyone to like you, and you needed to make an impression that you are nice. So you gave your best to be as nice as possible, yet you didn’t have any friends. You expressed regrets for almost everything that you have done. Being too nice didn’t like anyone. Even if you sometimes tried to fight for yourself, you ended up apologizing for that.

Do you ever ask yourself where this behavior got you? You get all of the bad words; you might have no friends and definitely no life with someone who respects you. Your classmates always chose you, because each time you did most of the homework or project by yourself. They never commended you though; you never took credit for your work, because you were too nice to tell that loud. Your special exertion has not paid off ever. It was always something that the group has earned and to make things more awkward, it is something that you were always saying.

Something needed to change. After many years you have found yourself. You are tired of being the one who is the fool, kind, and gentle. You feel like you woke up and suddenly you don’t have that amount of kindness you used to have. And you avoided the choking with niceness.

To be obvious, being nice includes that you are never going to take an award for your work, if someone would feel dissatisfied because of that. You choose to be nice instead of being you. A nice person is nice, but they are also fearful, calm, harmless, and unnoticeable.

The thing is you can actually be that person who can help others and show them your decency, without being the one who is always nice. Stop being nice doesn’t mean that you have to act “bitchy.” You don’t have to turn into a cheeky person. When you decided to be a less nice person, it doesn’t mean that you want to scream all over the place that you have done the entire group work by yourself and never got an award for it.

Being a “bitch” can be perfectly fine sometimes, when someone deserves that kind of behavior.

On the other hand, when you are a nice one it often sucks. There are studies that show how you lose your chance to succeed at work and be promoted, just because you are too nice. The pleasant one at work has five percent less chance to get a promotion than unpleasant one.

Your boss or anyone above you at your work can easily use you to do all the work that no one wants, just because you are continuously being nice. Most people who work without being paid for it are women. They are doing the job without questions about promotions, recoupment, or confessions.

Nice girls find it very important to feel that someone likes them. When they need to release the bitch which lies inside of them, they simple don’t succeed. It doesn’t matter how nice you are, because you have something valuable – it is that what makes you a woman. Having a vagina means that you have bravery and some kind of power. As soon as you stop being nice, you will get what you deserve, you will be yourself, not weak and fooled.

If you are reading this and you find yourself as a nice girl, give yourself a chance to be a person who needs respect, because that is something you deserve just like anyone else.

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