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The Person Who Makes You Question Yourself Isn’t Worth Your Time


It may seem to you that you have found the right guy. You constantly grow your feelings, no matter what bad things happen from time to time. You are trying to forget those bad feelings and replace them with the good ones. But did you ever ask yourself whether that is something that is truly good? Can’t you see that those feelings you are spending are for someone who probably doesn’t deserve them?

So you start falling deeper and quicker with every second and day that comes. Recently, you felt free to say whatever comes in your mind. Suddenly, you start thinking about anything you do and say. You don’t have an answer when you start overthinking. There is some sense about your current thoughts, yet you are trying to find other answers and see if he made you think that you made all of that in your head.

You start to feel bad, especially at night when you can let your mind flow without anything that could distract it. It’s hard and it makes it worse that you know that once it wasn’t so difficult. You don’t know his intentions; he changes his mind too often.

Then you find it important to let your friend help you. Suddenly both of you know that there is no sense in anything that is happening to you. Your friend can be confused with you, but there is no chance that your friend can tell you if he is into you or not. You need to figure it out all by yourself.

Technology is, we can say, the main trouble. He is constantly confusing you by his likes or occasional message. He opens your snaps, but still when you call him, he doesn’t answer. When you snap him personally, he doesn’t open it, etc. Did you ever ask yourself what this means? Do you think that he knows that he has you? I think he does. You are like his marionette with whom he can play whenever he wants. You are allowing him to make each move on his own. He accepted to play this game because he is the leader of it.

There is something you need to be aware of—if you ever accepted this game, or if you have ever been in this kind of a relationship where your partner makes you question yourself, you should definitely make up your mind and see if he is the one who doesn’t deserve you. Don’t let people around you make you upset for a minute and don’t let anyone ignore you in any way. Those people are showing you openly that you are not very valuable to them, so are they even worth your time? If someone leaves you, you shouldn’t be running after them. You need to prove to yourself that you have self-respect, without playing any games. The right thing is to put a point on it.

It would be very unfair for you to make a decision to give that person one more chance trusting that he would change. You can read many lines similar like this one, but until you realize on your own what your worth is in the first place, you will keep forgiving people. That’s because you are better than them. The right guy is supposed to make your life happy and make you never doubt in him, and if you are sure you don’t doubt, then why are you reading this?!

While you are trying to forgive him instead of turning a new page, somewhere out there might be a guy who would really value your presence near him. If you could move on, after a while you would be happier. Then that person you once thought considered you worthy would see what he has lost. A person who worries about you is showing you that each day. He doesn’t play games. Don’t spend your life with the one who is not fully sure that you are the only one he wants to be with. Don’t waste your time on the person who makes you question yourself.

The Person Who Makes You Question Yourself Isn’t Worth Your Time