There are so many things which go one after another and which could make your minute, day, week or a long period so bad. Then you are the only one who is worrying about them and you don’t know what you can do. You become unwilling to be creative and you feel like you have lost all of your motivation. You are starting to struggle with the doubt in yourself.

But you don’t see yourself as a weak one.

You feel that those who cry are very vulnerable.

Nevertheless, it is okay if you admit that you are not okay.

You can be struggling with this for many months. Maybe you grieve for something and these often changes of your mood are part of it. Things may not be as good as they used to be; at least you are very unsure in that. The only thing you know nowadays is that it is deeply hard to confess your condition of not being very well.

I bet you are wondering why we need to feel and act like we are very strong. We act like there are very few things that could make us feel bad. If we take some time, we end up feeling guilty somehow. You choose to cry for so many stupid things instead of feeling thankful for some others.

Falling apart is allowed in order to find yourself fully again.


Well, that’s not that bad. If you feel like you are all by yourself, you are lost or you don’t have the motivation to do anything, then you should not withstand that feeling of being bad. People don’t have to talk about them being sad, but all of us once felt bad for sure. These negative moods you have at the moment will not surely last forever, and you should be aware of that. It’s certainly not a nice feeling at all, but it will pass.

Through the time you are spending with those bad thoughts, lying and crying because your day turns out to be terrible, you may ask yourself whether that is wise and clever. You could have done something that would make you at least a little bit happier instead of crying because of that “helpless state” of yours. Remember that possibly you are the one who is endangering yourself.

One more thing is important. Don’t try to resist that feeling of being bad. You should leave yourself to be bad without trying to heal immediately. Try to figure out what actually makes you not feel okay. Be patient, because when you oppose feeling bad, you only make it worse. Better days must come.


Feelings that you have are temporary, as we mentioned above. You should try to watch your everyday stuff so you can start to not feel like you are losing yourself. If you ever had some unexpected thing that happened to you, you know what it is like to feel distraction, like you came out of everyday life. Maybe it was on you to take care of your family member, or friends, so you were busy most of the day. You did not have quite much time to think about yourself. You only felt that you are tired and nervous and possibly scared. There was fear present.

The thing is, you stopped to do occasional things, you were like lost in that care for someone important to you. You didn’t do your daily routine, even though it is considered as a very important thing when you are in a stressful period.

Do all of the daily work, like washing the dishes, making bed, etc. You don’t need to renovate your entire apartment, but try to stick to your routine.

There is no need to blame yourself or anyone around you for your problems. Instead of that, try to forgive and forget whoever you consider guilty for your condition. You should take a break and rest. Leave those situations that you see as unpleasant because there is nothing bad in not being okay.

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