8 Reasons Why Introverts Are Great Friends

introverts are great friends
Written by Aveline

There are so many misconceptions about introverts. We are labeled as boring if we are quiet. They think of us as antisocial when we are in need of our alone time and turn down invites for socializing. We are labeled rude and/or conceited because we are self-sufficient and need time to put our guards down. The actual truth is, having a relationship, romantic or platonic, with an introvert can be extremely rewarding. Having an introverted person in your life means having a supportive friend for a lifetime. Here are some reasons why introverts are great friends.

Introverts are there when you need them.

It is well known we do not like big gatherings very much, so we might not be there when you are partying your night away. We will be there when you really need us the most, though. For example, are you having trouble finding a job or did you just lose one? Are you having family issues or with some other friend? Did you just go through a terrible break up? One call and we will be there, ready to listen, show support, give out advice—whatever you might need. Comfort food included.

Speaking of advice, introverts give good advice.

Due to our analytical nature, we do a lot of research. Like, a lot. We also observe a lot. If you come to us asking for advice on something happening in your relationship, chances are we have already noticed. Not only that, we have carefully analyzed it all and prepared well thought out answers to questions that might follow. Bonus: personal experiences to back up the claims. Are you planning a hair color change? Want to lose weight? Thinking of a new career? Bring it on, we are happy trying to help!

It is relaxing to be around an introvert.

You know how some people can’t stand silence? Whatever they do, they always need some background noise. They will play music or crank up the TV. Being silent with others, especially if it is only two people involved, is awkward for them. They will feel the need to start up a conversation, even if they have nothing to say, just to break up the uncomfortable silence. Well, it is completely different if you are hanging out with an introverted person. We tend to spend a lot of time immersed in our thoughts. It is calming to us, makes us feel relaxed. It tends to rub off on other people. So, it is perfectly fine to go on a silent joy ride. Or we can take a walk, or just sit on a porch with a drink, looking at a distance. Being silent with us is comfortable.

Introverts value connections they have made.

We have the kind of character that does not fit in with just anyone. That is why finding friends and partners is not very easy for us. It requires a lot of effort and reaching beyond limits of our comfort zone. It also means having to survive through some bigger gatherings while evading meaningless small talk and dealing with sensory overloads. You know, socializing (gasp!) and reaching out to strangers. So whatever meaningful connection we make, we will make sure to protect it and cherish it. We might not be very vocal about it, but if you are in our lives, it is for a good reason. You can be sure you are important to us.

Introverts will gladly let you take over the spotlight.

We mostly tend to be better listeners than talkers. So, if you have a lot of stories and jokes to tell, or things to get off your chest, we are there for you. We are happy to hear you out, only breaking the silence from time to time to ask a question and let you know you have our undivided attention.

Introverts bring out the depth and intimacy in you.

Our appreciation of meaningful talk over a regular chat is well known. That meaning is equally appreciated and sought for in everything else in our lives. That goes for our relationships too. So, when we are spending time with you, we prefer to lead conversations pertaining to your inner self, knowing what your thoughts and feelings are and sharing ours as well. It brings out the intimacy between us, and that is why the connection you might have with us will grow to be stronger and more personal than with others.

Introverts are easy.

You remember that ”need alone time for restoration” thing, right? Well, because of it we don’t need to hear from you all the time. If we do not see each other or talk for some time, the relationship we’ve built with you will not suffer. So if your life has been busy lately, it is okay. Nothing will change for us. Our time spent together can only be better now that we’ve had some time for ourselves.

Introverts will be your reminder to slow down.

If you want to be aware of what your body and soul need, self-reflection is important. To be able to look inside yourself, it is necessary to slow down. Tune out the noise and enjoy the world around yourself. We value the simplicity in life, so the time you spend with us will be a constant reminder to stop always chasing more and listen.

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