Never Accept These 6 Behaviors In a Relationship

never accept these 6 behaviors
Written by Aveline

Relationships are not simply black and white, it is a little more complicated than that. Everyone has their oddities. While they might seem completely normal to some, any of those unusual quirks might be a deal breaker for someone else. Even when people sometimes decide to ignore certain things because they like a person very much, it is important to see a difference between quirky and completely unacceptable behavior. If you happen to notice any of these behaviors in a relationship, just be aware they should never be ignored and you should never accept these 6 behaviors:

Being a liar

This is an obvious one. If there is nothing to hide, if they are not doing anything wrong, why lie? In the foundation of every great relationship, you will find communication and honesty. If you catch them lying, they are either hiding something bad or they do not think they can trust you. If it turns out they are hiding something after all, then you cannot trust THEM. Either way, lack of trust will lead to disrupted communication. That kind of disruption means the seemingly stable foundation of your relationship will crumble to dust sooner or later.

Being extremely jealous

When your partner’s jealousy is going off the charts, it is not cute, and you should not be okay with it. It is logical to see them show strong dislike for the idea of you hanging out with or staying in touch with an ex-partner. But when their jealousy is so out of control that it is interfering with you living your life, that is unacceptable. They think they can forbid you to have a fun night out with friends or they try to stalk your every move. It is best you show them what they can do with all of their mistrust.

Being dismissive towards your desires and ambitions

Your significant other should be your biggest supporter. That means they should always be there to cheer you on while you are trying your best to achieve whatever you have in mind. It can be something small, like fitting in your favourite dress by losing those stubborn few pounds, and doing it just in time for that wedding next weekend. Or it can be something you will have to work hard for and it will take a lot of time. Like getting the job you really want or starting your own business. If your partner is not supportive of you, if they belittle your goals and make you feel like you could never possibly succeed, they are probably not the right person for you.

Being dismissive towards you

It is not just your ambitions they should support. They should support who you are as a person. If they truly care about you, they will never make you feel like less than what you are. They will never disrespect you in any way. True love is gentle and caring. A person who feels that way towards you will boost your confidence and show you how to love yourself the same way they love you. If they are making you feel self-conscious, they do not deserve you.

Being a cheater

It is hard to say how to handle this one, because everyone deals with something like this differently. Where one person would leave without ever looking back, another would try to resolve it. Still, it is important to remember that cheating is a serious breach of trust in any stage of the relationship. Especially in a committed one, where being able to trust your partner unconditionally is everything. It is even worse if your partner tries to present it as a consequence of something you did or underplays the gravity of their act. No matter what problem they might have with you, it is not solved by running off to someone else’s bed. The only thing they achieve by cheating is hurting you and your relationship. In the meantime, the problem is still there and it was probably not hard to solve, if only they chose to communicate with you instead. Know that the suffering you might feel for it is not exaggerated and you have every right to it.

Being a bully

Do not let your partner pressure you into anything you do not want. It is a bad sign if they even try to guilt you into something you are not okay with. This is applicable to a wide range of things, intimacy included. Any type of intimacy should be something desired, not forced upon you. So, if you are not in the mood to do something, do not allow your partner bully you into it.

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