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How To Know If You’ve Fell In Love With a Friend

fell in love with a friend
Written by Chloe M.

Sometimes, a friendship with someone can develop into something more. When your best pal makes you feel good about yourself, it’s easy to start falling for them. It’s like one day you wake up and you really long for more. Once you’ve started to feel a little differently towards them, you start to want more, but you don’t always know if your feelings mean anything.  You’ve been in relationships with other people, but you know it’s different when you are good friends, so you want to be sure before you rush in this time. They’re practically family, so going in at the deep end doesn’t help your cause if you don’t know what you really want. Here’s how to tell if you’ve fell in love with a friend.

How to know if you’ve fell in love with a friend: the signs

You’ve imagined kissing them and it doesn’t seem strange

Picturing kissing a close friend can give you an icky feeling like no other, but if you’re actually interested in a person, then the idea of kissing them won’t seem so strange. It might seem a little odd, especially if you’ve been friends for a long time, but if you can picture kissing them without too much cringing, the chances are there are feelings there. If you find yourself wanting more than best friend talk between you, then you’re probably falling for the guy.

You crave alone time with your friend

You have no interest in hanging around in a group. When it comes to this person, all you want to do is get them alone. It’s not necessarily a lust for something romantic – you just want to be alone with them because it means their attention is undivided. You feel like other people are just getting in the way when they’re around. The best times between you are when you’re just hanging out as a pair, and you pray for the day your friends cancel plans so it can just be the pair of you. You’re hoping it’ll just be the two of you, and that’s a sign you’ve fell in love with a friend.

You get jealous when they give another girl attention

You never used to care who your friend dated, but now it feels like a personal attack when they give someone else romantic attention. Even though you’re not together, you guys are so close that them spending time with someone else feels like a punch in the gut. Relationships are a sore topic because you want to feel like you’re their number one – they’re always going to be yours. Time is precious, and the best times are falling from your grasp when they share their day with someone other than you.

You see a future with them

When you think about where you’ll be in five years, you picture a life where your friend is there. You can’t see too clearly, but it’s your hope that in that future vision, you’re a little more than just friends. There’s no way you can see a life where they don’t have a place, no matter what. You’re ready to commit to them, even if you’ve never said it to anyone, or even admitted it to yourself. Look for signs that they might feel the same – if they do, then there’s no way you can pass up an opportunity to be with someone who fits so perfectly into your plans.

You get nervous around them in a way you didn’t used to

Butterflies in your stomach are a fresh symptom, and it’s a symptom of love. You get nervous around them now because there’s more at stake – your heart is on the line. After a good talk, you feel exhilarated, which is a new sensation for something so simple. Every little thing has you looking for signs that they’re flirting with you – wink emojis never seem so innocent anymore! You find it hard to express yourself without giving away your feelings, and that puts pressure on your friendship. You feel like crying for help, because this guy has your heart in a flutter. It’s a sure sign you’ve fell in love with your friend.

You have big plans that involve them

That holiday you’ve planned for next year involves your friend. Now, you’re thinking it would be great if it wasn’t a friend’s trip, but rather a romantic getaway. When you think of plus one’s to take to parties or family weddings, you think of them. There’s no denying that your friend is also possibly your soulmate, and you’ve fallen head over heels for them. Don’t be afraid of your feelings! True friendship lasts even through romantic blunders. If you admit your feelings and they’re not reciprocated, you’ll be able to move on and stay friends no trouble.

There’s nothing more magical than falling for someone you know like the back of your hand. You’ve shared so many good times already that it’s impossible to imagine that being in a relationship with them would be any different. While it can be scary to imagine committing to someone for fear or ruining things between you, it’s worth the risk. A love between friends is pure and beautiful, and translating that to romance will give you a satisfying, incredible relationship that’s well worth fighting for.

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