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Girls Without Fathers Would Want You To Know These Things

girls without fathers
Written by Aveline

Growing up without parents is a heavy burden, but it is especially hard for girls who grew up without fathers. They have it worse, because no bond is like the one a daughter and a father can have. Father is a girl’s first love. If he was a good person and treated her mother right, she will make him and her parents’ relationship a standard for all of her future encounters with men. For them, losing a father means missing out on a beautiful part of their lives. So here are some things girls without fathers would want you to know.

They are tougher than other girls.

They grew up without a parent and it was a hard thing. And they spent their childhood struggling to understand why are they feeling abandoned. Having no father figure in their early lives to help them and set examples, they were forced to come up with solutions on their own. Silver lining in that situation was, by having to fight through those years of their lives without fathers, they learned something out of it. They became self-sufficient, tough, and brave women who can fend for themselves.

They enjoy male attention.

This is tricky and most girls without fathers will have a hard time admitting it because of the way it sounds, but they enjoy the attention very much. Growing up without a father figure in their lives made them crave that attention only a father can offer. That is why they will surround themselves with male friends, whether it is a platonic relationship or a romantic one. Either way, it gives them a feeling of comfort, however little it might be. It is their way of filling the blank space in their hearts that was left behind from missing a person as important, for so long.

They need time to put their guards down.

Girls without fathers might seem too harsh in the beginning. Even cold and unapproachable. Do not let that exterior mislead you. They have been through so much already and opening up can be harder for them than it is for other girls. They do not want to feel more pain, so they are very picky when it comes to letting people in. If you are patient enough, they will let you in eventually and you will be blown away by all the good you can find in those big hearts.

Holidays are harder on them than most days.

Holidays have always been important part for each family. All those family gatherings, people they deem important are there, yet something is still missing. Or someone. It is logical that they are feeling blue on those days. Especially when it comes to Father’s Day. You know how that works. Social media feeds are full of old and new pictures of people with their fathers, writing dedicated captions and posting about family meals. Even walking down the street means seeing little girls and grown women spending time with their fathers as a way to honor them on that special day. Knowing they have no one to visit or write to is a terribly lonely feeling.

Wedding days are even worse.

There are other important men in their lives for sure. Grandfathers, uncles, brothers, you name it. But having their father there to walk them down the aisle was probably always a silent longing for them. One they might have kept to themselves because they always tried to avoid making their mothers sad. They will have someone else there for them, on that special day, but nothing will quite measure up with the feeling of joy they would have gotten if their father was there to hold their hand.

Their love is fierce.

As it was already mentioned, girls without fathers are very guarded and it is not easy to get them to open up. But once they put their guards down, you will discover a loving heart. There is no such thing as neutral in their vocabulary when it comes to love. They love you truly or not at all. If you ever come across a girl like this and stop to wonder if she is worth it because it might seem too hard to get through to her, do not be afraid to persist. Give her the love she deserves and she will love you back unconditionally.

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