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An Open Letter To The Girl Dating My Shitty Ex

girl dating my shitty ex
Written by Peggysue

To The Girl Dating My Shitty Ex

He was my boyfriend for a long time, he was my one and only. But for him I was just a girl with whom he was spending time, a girl for fun. I didn’t know about you before, I wasn’t interested in his life. I heard that you are with him now, and I feel like I have duty to warn you about him. About his personality, and what he does to girls who are like you, who are like I used to be before. So this is for you, to the girl dating my shitty ex.

I was hoping that not even one girl would ever fall for his lies, for his stupid charismatic charm. But you are here. You are by his side, and I have to warn you that he doesn’t deserve you. You deserve better than him, much better. When I was with him, I thought that he loved me, I thought what we had was love. Honestly, it took me years to realize that wasn’t love, that he never loved, because he is capable just to love himself. Not me, not you, not anyone else.

What you have now, I had it before. I was going through the same shit you are going through now. All of that is because he never changed, he is still as horrible of a person as he used to be before, and he will never realize how horrible he is. You work hard in vain, you will never be able to change him. I know it because I tried to change him, every girl before me also tried, but none succeeded.

Everything you had with him now, I had it all before. Your stories are the same as mine. Actually, you are going through the same bullshit I was going through. Every girl he had before me, and after me, left him because of same reason, because he is just one piece of shit.

All you want is a happy relationship, a healthy relationship, and you will never get it if you stay with him, like I never got it. It doesn’t matter how hard you are trying to change him, the truth is that he will change you. Actually, he will destroy you and your life. What he wants is to control you, to manipulate you. That is him. If you stay with him, you will lose yourself, you will lose your self-respect. I wouldn’t have done more than half the things I have done since I left him, because he would never let me. Love is not controlling and manipulating. You have to put yourself on the first place, not him. Not his shitty personality.

Never, ever things will change, because he will not let them change. I know because I went through what you are going through now. So, it doesn’t get better, and it never will. No matter what you do, or how hard you are trying, he is always going to control you. You are always going to be guilty for everything. He is always going to make you feel miserable, like piece of shit. I know that you are giving your best, but he is always going to criticize you, no matter how hard you are trying. He is not perfect, but he believes he never does anything wrong. So, I’m sure that he is never going to change.

Even though I don’t know you, your story, your life, I know that you deserve better. You don’t need someone who is controlling your life, you don’t need someone who you have to ask for permission. Darling, you deserve someone who will respect you, who trusts you, who will be there for you, you don’t deserve someone like him. No one deserves someone like him. I don’t know you, but I know that you deserve someone who will love you with his whole heart, not someone who makes you feel miserable.

I wish I knew all this that I know now. To know who is he before I fell for him. So, you know now, and please, leave him, because you deserve someone much better than him, someone who would care if he lost you. You need to know that what you have with him is not love, it will never be love, because love doesn’t control you, it doesn’t hurt you. Love is not going through hell everyday. He makes you believe that what you have now is love, but believe me it is not.

Maybe I don’t know you, but I promise you deserve someone much better than him. You can leave him, you have all the right to leave him, because he is not a man who will love you and who will respect you. That’s not him. He will ruin your life if you let him, so please, don’t let him. Get rid of his chains, because you are strong enough, you can leave him. You can leave him before it is too late.

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