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Don’t Let The Untrustworthy Men Hurt You

Written by Naida

When you are getting into a relationship, there is always presence of fear which means that someone might hurt you. But still, you get into one. It is not rare that all of us sometimes hurt someone by the untrustworthy men, or someone hurts us, but it happens all the time. 

Many people try to learn from those situations. They teach that they should not trust anyone completely. Whether it is an affair, a lie, break up, or a divorce, once you lose trust it is hard to get it back again, because you couldn’t trust anyone more than those you love the most, yet they fail you.

Is there chance to anticipate that someone is going to deceive you or walk away from you? Can you get out and stay safe when you give your heart? Here are some tips which might be useful.

  • Try not to open up or give him the trust immediately.

It may seem to you that everything is beautiful and perfectly fine, but remember that you are in the beginning of the relationship. Your man is handsome and you can’t get enough of him. The thing is, when you are at the beginning, you can’t see negative things in a person you are dating. You are poisoned, and you can’t reach if your man has negative performances. There is only good you see in him. However, at the beginning it is difficult to think correctly and find out who the man which looks attractive actually is.

Maybe you will solve the problem if you let yourself be in love. That’s natural and fine. Regardless of that condition of yours, don’t trust him immediately. Wait yourself to see clear after some time spent together, so you can give him trust when it is about big things. At some point, you two will argue about something. It is fine though, because you have to see the truth about one another. After a while you can figure out that you can trust him at some things, but not others. If you want a normal relationship, you have to look at it realistically and see that it’s fair that he cares about you, but doesn’t do some housework.

  • Trust him as much as he respects you.

Those two go hand in hand. There are men who would try to challenge you using your emotions and feelings for them, in order to try to convince you into something. There is no doubt in your love for your man. But you should be careful, because he might be manipulating you. He is trying to use your feelings so he could make his free way.

You need to separate these two feelings – loving someone and trusting someone. Trust is something that needs to be proved and it adapts depending on the situation.

Someone you love should know that it needs time to gain trust. You will trust your person as much as he respects you.

  • Take the risks when you trust.

Even if you are very careful, when you are in a relationship, you can’t prevent if something goes wrong. It’s like gambling. You give yourself and you don’t know if he is going to hurt you at some point. Yet, you opened up. It’s not bad. If you want to achieve anything you will have to put yourself at risk.

But you need to be aware that whatever comes after you opened yourself up for a relationship, you can fight against it. Risks are bounded up with love. First you have to trust yourself, then you will have strength to trust your partner, and you will have your own adroitness.

If you have just a little bit of knowledge, you could predict the future. You might be wrong sometimes, sometimes not. But you will figure out how to deal with some acts of your partner in the relationship. You can learn how to captivate man’s heart so he could not withstand. Don’t let the untrustworthy men hurt you.

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