Your Drug Addiction Is Not A Disease

Written by Chloe M.

Over the last few years, drug addiction has increasingly become really problematic. Drug addiction tears apart families and leaves communities vulnerable to drug dealers and violence. More widely available has become addiction treatment, and the stereotypes surrounding addicts have changed. But, the real problem is that addicts label their drug addiction as a disease.

“The brain is changed in fundamental ways by addiction. In a person’s brain, it changes the normal hierarchy and substitutes their priorities and needs for their drugs. If a person does a drug, they release dopamine, which causes the body to crave the substance more, and eventually alters the way the brain reacts to these chemicals. This means that since the brain has become altered from drugs, the resulting compulsive behavior overrides the ability to control impulses, therefore making it a “relapsing disease.””

This way, drug addiction is called “disease.”

It infuriates me when drug addicts call their addiction a disease. Do you know how many children are in the cancer ward and they didn’t choose to do something that brought on their cancer? Do you know how many women with cystic fibrosis didn’t do something to bring it upon herself?

But the thing is that: You choose to smoke weed. You choose to shoot up heroin. And you choose to snort cocaine. You choose to buy prescription pills. Just think. You choose this.

Please, just don’t tell me you have a disease. Every drug addict made a choice. All of them chose to do something they knew wasn’t right. Think about this: could you look a child stricken with cancer in the eyes and tell them you also have a disease? Are you also sick? But unlike them, you made choices that led you to where you are. And they didn’t.

Please don’t go around telling people you have a disease. You have created this. Take some personal responsibility and own up to it. Your drug addiction is not a disease.

I know how addiction destroys. I know who it hurts. It’s not easy to quit. But please, don’t make up excuses. Your drug addiction is not a disease.

Therefore, all of you shouldn’t believe their lies. You shouldn’t believe they can’t quit. It’s a lie when they say they are sick. Drug addicts want you to see their addiction as a disease and escape personal responsibility.

And if we all approve their addiction as a disease, they will believe they have a disease they didn’t ask for. But how can we look at a person with cancer or cystic fibrosis and then tell that drug addiction is a disease?

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