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The Ugly Truth About ‘Almost Relationships’

Written by Naida

Could you ever imagine yourself in, let’s call it an “almost relationship.” Those kinds of relationships start from nothing, very fast, but they also end so fast, like they never existed. Could you have ever thought that one of those “almost relationships” can actually break you.

Getting into “almost relationship” means that you are ready to start something risky, because it is not stable enough to last like a real relationship, and it’s not completely frivolous so you can expect it to break in a day or two. It is just in the middle. Still, like every normal human being, you will try to save it. You ask yourself how it even started, if it is not valuable. So, you hope and pray, until you receive a message that he has changed his mind.

Here is the thing – there is you on the one side, hoping that it will turn into a long-lasting love, while the other side walks away.

There is no question who is guilty of that. You were hoping that it will last, but did you have a worthy reason to believe in that? You thought it will work out, because you liked a guy very much. And you suddenly liked to spend time with him, more and more, you told him your secrets, met him with your friends. You did everything to let him know that he is in your life. His presence became good to you.

There were no thoughts that he would leave.

Just because you feel good with someone’s presence, doesn’t mean that the opposite is the same feeling. You don’t expect from people to run away, but somehow they do. Simply, you were blindsided.

No one can know what is happening in someone’s mind. People walk away daily, from this or that, there is no specific rule about that.

It is natural to have a thought whether it is your fault because he walked away. One day you feel complete and good, knowing that everything is just fine, but what will happen another day you can never know. So, he came with the “story” prepared. Of course you considered if it is you who is guilty. You ask yourself many questions, because you were not prepared for any conversation which will lead to a break up.

At once you realize that he is the wrong one. He was not prepared to be in a relationship so like he was a guy specifically ready for the “almost relationship.”

There are many questions about “almost relationships.” If one of those goes wrong, you should be aware that it doesn’t have to be your fail. You may be the one who wants something more serious but yet you stuck into “almost relationship” somehow.

“Almost relationship” can upset you very much, and it can be heartrending very often.

Those are very specific connections, and there is the fact that they happen rashly and unexpectedly. People involved in this kind of relationship almost always end badly.

Perhaps you might know that you should not give your heart to everyone, especially to those people who are not ready to handle your love. It is a huge responsibility to take someone’s feelings, so be careful. Think twice. An “almost relationship” can’t break your heart. Don’t let that to happen. Talk to the person you are going to start any kind of relationship. Ask him about his plans, future, and thoughts, so you can be prepared and know what to expect. Break ups mostly happen because you didn’t know each other well enough, though you were not for each other.

People are different. They don’t necessarily have to be bad ones, if they hurt you.

Maybe it is just because you were not on the same page. You expected different things. Yet, neither of you is without heart.

You will feel betrayed anytime they leave you. That is the point of “almost relationships.” They will always break you down.

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