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Stay With The Man Who Calms You

Man who calms you
Written by Karen Clark

When you were a little girl, you were surrounded by fairy tales in which a beautiful princess waits for her prince charming in her tower. When the two finally meet, they are faced with numerous obstacles and jealous people who would do anything just to stop the couple to be happy. Finally, they defeat all of these obstacles and their love wins everything and everyone. Later, every teen romantic comedy you have ever watched had a similar plot. There were no actual princesses and prince charmings, but the concept remained similar. The most popular guy in school miraculously falls in love with the girl everyone makes fun of. With time, he becomes her prince charming and the only difference is he is not saving her from her evil and wicked step-mother, but from high school mean girls. It’s the tale as old as time. And it has helped us form our perception of how true love should look like. The woman is always vulnerable, the man is her savior. Everybody is against their forbidden happiness and the entire relationship is marked with passion and love that cannot be tamed. You feel butterflies just by watching this kind of romance on the movie screen and you wanted for something similar to happen to you since you were a little girl. According to this, the man of your dreams should be handsome, attractive, strong, passionate, fair, brave, and fearless. You should feel an explosion of emotions just by looking at him. If you don’t feel butterflies, it’s not real. But, is this really the truth? Do all love stories have to be like this?


    When you were younger, you looked for passion. But passion usually brings other issues and problems along. If both you and your partner have similar temper and are both passionate, that relationship is usually toxic, emotionally challenging, and damaging. When you are with him, you feel like you are on the top of the world. But, when those moments pass, you soon break up or get into a fight and that is when your world collapses. You are constantly living your life between these emotional ups and downs. You would never go back to him and put yourself through these emotional breakdowns if it weren’t for that feeling when you are together. When you are with him, you feel omnipotent, like you could do anything, you feel like you are on drugs. Of course, the ups would never be so sweet and exciting if the downs weren’t so devastating. But, is it really worth it? Do you really want to spend your entire life waiting for these moments of passion and love?

    As you grow older, you see that you look for different things in life. You see that initial passion and butterflies will fade away sooner or later. And you are left with unconditional love, support, friendship, and most of all, common respect, if you have found the right guy. If you were stuck on passion and excitement, you are left with nothing. As you grow up, you realize the importance of mutual understanding and compromise. You realize you need a serious, responsible man who will take you and your relationship seriously. You need a man who will treat you right, who will appreciate you and will be there for you, no matter what. You need a man who will be ready to meet you halfway and who will take your desires and needs into consideration. You need a man who will plan his future with you. You need a man who will calm you.

    Don’t expect the fireworks of emotions with this guy in the beginning. You probably won’t feel butterflies and he won’t rock your world. But, he will do much more. You will experience new emotions that you didn’t know existed. You will feel secure, calm, respected, and appreciated. And you will always know you have someone to rely on. For the first time in your life, you won’t feel the need to fight for this man because you will know he is there for you, no matter what. You will not feel the need to be saved, because a relationship with this man will give you strength and because he will show you how powerful and strong you can be. There will be no unnecessary fights and passionate reconciliations. Even if you don’t see it from the start, this man is emotionally stronger than any before. You will want for this man to be the father of your future children, because he is a role model and a guy every woman could wish for. Doesn’t sound pretty romantic, does it? But, these are the things on which a long-lasting partnership is based on. Stay with the man who calms you.

    Stay With The Man Who Calms You

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