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Signs He Wants To Be Friends And Nothing Else

Written by Chloe M.

There’s a fine line between close friendship and love. Sometimes, when your feelings start to grow for someone else, it’s hard to know if he wants to be friends, or whether he is interested in more. We have the answers for you. Here are the signs he wants to be friends and nothing else.

Signs he wants to be friends:

You only hang out in a group. He’s never asked you to do anything with just the two of you. If he has asked you to do things alone, it tends to be something completely unromantic – no dinner or cinema dates. These are usually signs he wants to be friends rather than romantically involved.

You’ve been friends for a long time. A long successful friendship with no romance often means there’s not much space for feelings to grow. If he’s never intended to be with you romantically, it’s unlikely anything will blossom now.

He has a lot of female friends. If he hangs out with a lot of girls and doesn’t have any romantic intentions with them, the chances are he doesn’t with you either. He respects your friendship, and would never ruin that by having a casual romance. If he was interested, he’d go all in and let you know.

He encourages you to chase cute guys. He makes it clear that you should be dating, but he’s never made any indication that you should date him. And he points out people for you, or suggests his friends to you. If in particular he wants you to date within his social circles, it suggests he wants to be friends – he would never set you up with a friend if it would make him uncomfortable.

He’s not a serial dater. If he’s often all or nothing when it comes to love, then he would never strike up anything casual. That means if he saw you in a romantic light, the chances are he would have told you by now to save himself time if you didn’t feel the same. He would never want to waste his time, so he’s always honest about his intentions.

He’s flirty with you, but he’s never taken it further. Plenty of boys use flirtation as banter, and if he’s one of those boys, he’s probably a romantic deep down. They don’t see flirtation as a big deal – only big gestures seem romantic enough for their partners. If he’s never taken a flirtation any further, then he probably doesn’t see you that way.

He always tells you that he’s glad you’re friends. You’re joined at the hip, but he could never see his best friend that way. Unless he explicitly lets you know he is interested, it’s probably easiest to assume he wants to be friends and nothing else.

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