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Loving a Good Man After You’ve Had Your Heart Broken

Written by Chloe M.

Learning to love again after a break-up can be hard. You feel betrayed. You don’t know who you can trust. You still ache for that person who broke you down completely. But loving a good man after you’ve had your heart broken will make you see that not all relationships have to end in tears for you. There will be someone out there who is worthy of your time and effort. But how do you go about loving a good man when you’re still hurting?

Give it time

Your wounds won’t heal right away, but loving a good man will happen in time. You’ll learn that the ice won’t always break when you take a step. Let your path solidify before you make any hasty movements. Rushing in will only get you knocked down again. Wait until the time is right, and then commit yourself to something new and pure.

Tell him about your past

Let your new man know why you always have your guard up. Tell him that your past is what has scarred you most, and you don’t want to repeat your mistakes in the future. Tell him that you’re afraid of what someone else might do to you if you let them in too close. When he understands where you’re coming from, he might be able to change how he acts to make you feel at your most comfortable.

Let him heal your wounds

When he knows about your past, he can begin to patch it up. He can show you what it means when you’re loving a good man, and make you feel worthy again. Don’t shy away when he’s offering you help – your first instinct will be to run a mile, but resist it. A good man will be the cure for your broken heart.

Always be open and honest

It can be all too easy to shut yourself away and hide your feelings, but being open is the only way forwards. If something is worrying you, or something doesn’t feel right, tell your new man. Hiding these feelings will only cause a rift between you. Don’t allow your fears to guide you away from loving a man worth your time, or you’ll always regret it.

Set up some ground rules

Make sure you and your new man have some ground rules for behavior. Let him know the behaviors that make you paranoid, such as staying out late with a woman from work. Then ask him to always inform you where he’s going and with who. It might seem a little demanding, but whatever you need to make you feel at ease, a good man will be happy to give you.

Recognise that you’re loving a good man for once

Remember he’s not like the men before him. He’s not going to hurt you, and he’s not going to make you feel worthless. He’s a good person, and anyone could see that a mile off. You can trust that he’s going to be open and honest, and true about his feelings. Try not to stay stuck in the past – with this man, you have the chance for a happy future.

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