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If a Man Loves You, He Will Always Do These Things

Written by Chloe M.

If a man loves you, he’s going to treat you like you deserve to be treated. There’s no doubt about it. True love is treating your partner with respect and kindness, no matter what. Never settle for a man who won’t give you these things because the chances are, a man who doesn’t isn’t good enough for you.


    If a man loves you, he’ll tell you all the time

    He wants the world to know how much he cares, but most importantly, he wants you to know. If a man loves you, he’ll spend all the time letting you know how much he cares. He’ll tell you every day, and his actions will always reflect what he feels inside

    If a man loves you, he’ll respect your dreams

    Even if you’re completely different as people and you have very little in common when it comes to your goals, he’ll always support what you want to do with your life. Whether it’s to do with your career, your hobbies or your family life, you know if a man loves you, he’ll act like he’s on the same page, even when he doesn’t always understand.

    If a man loves you, he’ll treat you from time to time

    He might not shower you in gifts every day, but sometimes, spontaneously, he’ll take you out for a meal, or buy you your favourite chocolates. He wants to see you smile, so he’ll buy you a gift on a day when you’re feeling down, or take you out to the movies.

    If a man loves you, he’ll sacrifice time for you

    Sometimes, plans clash, but he’ll always make sure that you come first, so long as it’s not anything important he’s missing. When it comes to choosing between a night out with his boys or a night in with you, he’ll always put you first, especially if you haven’t seen each other in a while.

    If a man loves you, he’ll make you feel beautiful

    He’ll compliment you when you’re wearing a new dress, or even when you’re looking cute in your pjs. If a man loves you, you’ll never feel insecure about your image around you, because he always knows what to say to make you feel your best.

    If a man loves you, he’ll own up to his mistakes

    Your man knows when he’s done something wrong, and he’ll own up to it like an adult. He would never try to lay blame on you for something you didn’t do, or make you feel guilty unnecessarily. He knows how to make a good apology, and for that reason, you don’t find it hard to forgive him.

    If a man loves you, he’ll never hurt you or leave you

    Your man has a special place reserved in his heart just for you. He’d do anything to contribute to your happiness. You’re always laughing, always smiling, always loving. You’re meant to be together, and he’s going to stick with you for as long as you’re still perfect for one another.

    If a Man Loves You, He Will Always Do These Things

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